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A journey beyond the beyond is a Soul Travelling experience.  Remembering the gift through Sacred Sounds which map the pathways of The Creation Web of CrystaLoveLight and reconnecting to All That Is, the Oneness.  Also known as the energy of God, All That I Am is not separate, or an individual’s Divine Soul’s Presence of LoveLight and holding the collective consciousness of the masculine.  However, the journey onto the earth, into a physical re-incarnation begins firstly through the feminine and The Great MotherThe CrystaLoveLight Process is the birthing of the I Am Body, fully opening The Gift of the Channel and the Keepership in which a soul holds the keys to multi-dimensional doors. 

The ‘process’ is held deep in the subconscious, assisting souls’ travel and activate the memories or stories of separation from the Love, Light or both.  Discovering photos, letters and more, stored away in a cupboard or box, reminding one of past memories of the LoveLight of significant people, or the flip side, the separation story.  The places and stages of a soul’s life circumstances, a particular moment in time when the potential of life was being discovered, or forgotten.  Events such as graduation ceremonies, a wedding day and the birth of a child, awakened the journey forward.  The vibrational frequency held at the time, often remains the same for decades and therefore, the patterns determine the life choices.  The path from childhood, through the young adult years and beyond were mapped. 

The Gifts of the I Am Body, all four, seeing (clairvoyance), hearing (clairaudience), knowing (wisdom) and feeling (clairsentience), open the heart to “BE” the Love.  The four gifts also merge and align the spirit, the ability to ‘BE’ the Light.  Possible by travelling the non-physical dimensions beyond the beyond, activating, reconnecting, merging and returning to where the soul birthed in Light.  Part of the big picture is possibly the ‘starry realms’ and in travelling to the inner worlds, where the spirit has had no boundaries or limitations, the power of the Light is evident.   Beyond the moons and the suns, distance is no time for the spirit to travel. 

However, equally is the subconsciousness understood when considering the vast oceans and seas, technology making exploration, as in the stars, possible in opening up new worlds.  Thus, the consciousness is explored in soul travel between the starry realms and the earth.  The ‘gossamer light’, pathways throughout the Great Web are both physically comprehendible but also of an ‘etheric’ nature, while felt, for most souls, unable to be seen, known and heard.  Often awakening superstition and other traditional cultural practices based on ‘old school beliefs’ which activate ‘fear’.  The ‘shamanic/earth mother’ energies from the 7th dimension and higher honour the Great Mother, also reflect a sense of ‘Oneness’ with All That Is, the 'big picture'. 

The starry realms are travelled through as Spheres and understood as ‘great balls of light’.  The most conscious soul travel on the earth are the Lei (Ley)-lines, straight alignments directly connected through the four directions, east, west, north and south.  Soul Travelling the Creation Web of CrystaLoveLight is a conscious "weaving" throughout the entire universe and expressed as “eternity”.  Where is the start and the finish of soul travel?  The conscious intention is a key for where the individual soul will travel and the three areas suggested in considering are:  health, relationships and career path.  However, group intentions may have a boarder perspective, for example, “world peace”.  The separation stories of the earth which are conscious, but mostly subconscious will impact on health, relationships and career potential, for all are interwoven.  One third of all stories are of the earth and maybe conscious in some regards.  Yet two thirds are beyond the earth dimensions, held in the starry and water subconscious soul.

The Pathways of Light, the Song-lines, activated by Sacred Sound Codes, hold vibrational frequencies and are multi-dimensional.  The Great Mother Spider of the Starry realms, maps, births and creates the pathways for a soul to travel, remembering the LoveLight throughout All That Is.  Assisting the conscious understanding by connecting to a particular colour and with sound, the journey begins, two significant keys setting the vehicle in motion. 

Comprehending the power of sound is the Gift of the Channel, accessing The Sounds of the 
Soul, The Great Mother, birthing through the water, earth and starry realms.  Remembering once again the LoveLight, travelling to reconnect with all parts of the Crystal Body as the memories of being alone, lost and separated, begin the journey 'home'.  Self-empowerment and re-discovering the potential within is a birthing process.  A journey into the Crystal Heart of the Earth Mother, Gaia, The Golden Whale Mother and Great Grandmother Spider.  A soul, fully opening the Gift of the Channel, an alignment of the heart and spirit, is the sum total of All That I Am, therefore is possible to ‘BE’ the LoveLight mirror of myself through All That Is! 
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