Gossamer’s Story  
Born into a large extended family, Gossamer spent all her childhood in a country rural area.  Throughout her primary and secondary school years, Gossamer was educated by the Sisters of Mercy, an Australian & international Catholic Religious Order of women, established in Ireland.
Life as a child and teenager were a mixture of activities, school, study, piano practice, leading to exams which continued throughout her adult life.  A self-taught guitarist after an aunty gifted Gossamer the instrument and also added the church organ to the list.  The taste for ‘ritual’ was born, playing for church services and continued for two more decades.   However, Gossamer was very much at home on the earth and in the water.  The family, two sisters and three brothers, initially lived in a small village, moving to a much larger farm but on the same ‘big river’.  Fishing, swimming, riding horses, assisting the family business in running a dairy/milking farm and then duties changed with a transfer over to the production of beef cattle.  . 
During her young adult years, Gossamer became a member of the order of religious women, based in Grafton, NSW, eventually taking vows which symbolised her dedication to the life chosen.  However, after thirteen years, the lessons had been learnt!  The subconscious desire to reach her fullest potential in "service", the foundation coming from the Catholic traditions and teachings, led Gossamer to making a conscious choice, "to be responsible for her own spiritual path".  An empowering decision, therefore over the next ten years Gossamer participated annually in an eight day ‘directed retreat’ and was totally a silent experience except for the hour long discussion with a personal director.       
The disempowerment of women, the feminine and the dishonouring of the ‘mother’, began to awaken consciously.  The realisation of the dominant ‘boys club’ with no possibility of becoming a priest in the Catholic Church and even considered changing to the Anglican Church.  The choice to return to my parents after thirteen years was partly due to the personal experience of my own disempowerment and decided priests were human, not God.  A significant ‘separation story’ from the spirit, the ‘Light’ and all held in the spiritual body became a profound learning for the life ahead.  Yet, for many at the time, the life style was considered a special 'spiritual path' and Gossamer found this to be the case years later for those in the alternative healing profession, viewing therapists to be on a ‘special path’ or ‘specially chosen’.     
However, all was not so conscious or 'known' fully at the time, nor would it become evident for another sixteen years while Gossamer continued to teach in Catholic Schools and State/Government School systems.  Also over several years holding a boarding school supervisor’s position which required living in residence with over fifty girls.   Within the Catholic Schools, her work included facilitating sacred ritual and ceremonies.  Drawn to Sacred Ritual, becoming a registered Civil Marriage Celebrant for a number of years and Gossamer continues to facilitate 'Naming Ceremonies as well as Funeral Services’. 
The "wounded-ness" was also reflected in Gossamer's own ‘separation story’ with the passing of her mother when only thirty three and twelve years later embarked on a six month ‘travelling’ adventure through several countries.  Returning to the classroom for another year, Gossamer realised there was more, but how to unlock the door?   The assistance came from her first major mentor/teacher after a friend gave Gossamer the business card of a ‘channel’ and the path was embraced.  Remaining in the school for one more year, the often quoted phrase, “the rest is history” was indeed the case as a significant life changing stage and awakening had begun.  There was no turning back!     
Throughout Gossamer's life, music was a major study in all areas, school and university.   The knowledge and skills acquired close to fifty years continue to assist souls 'find their voice'. The sound codes in both speaking and singing have become an empowering key, the activations which open doors.  Hence, assisting soul’s ‘travel’ beyond the beyond.   Following two years of intense initial healing, and a ten day 'live-in' retreat in 2003 with her second major mentor/teacher, Gossamer's ‘I Am Body Channel’ opened consciously in the seventh dimension. Taking two more years of intense ‘soul travel’ to understand the ‘birthing process’ was becoming more conscious through the 8th and into the 9th dimension.   

Gossamer acknowledges this first significant teacher, the two that followed and all who have shared their journey in bringing “The CrystaLoveLight Process” to the planet. The supportive family and through them understanding what a profound gift to 'holding' the LoveLight fully in celebrating all stages which begin at birth.  A journey of self-empowerment despite the challenges presented and a learning possible for every soul in the ‘school of life’. 
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