The Inventor

Sunday, 5th July, 2020 Introduction:  The CrystaLoveLight Process assists the opening and understanding of "The Gift of the Channel”.   The Gift of the Channel is a complex, possibly a misunderstood and unknown concept,... full article

In the Kitchen!

Thursday, 15th October, 2015 A beautiful story with a profound message regarding The Mother as Teacher! The learning indeed has many levels and stages! full article

Susie's Story

Friday, 21st August, 2015  Introduction:  Story telling is a wonderful gift! However, the living of the story is so much more. In memory of the life and passing of Susan Jane Cooke… 1951 - August 12, 2015 Life is like an ocean,... full article

Shannon's Story

Wednesday, 11th March, 2015 Introduction:  The article, “Shannon’s Story” is another which is about family, my niece and the daughter of an older brother.  Shannon has shared through her writings a profound journey... full article

Mother & Child

Thursday, 5th March, 2015 The stories shared in this website continue to reflect the “journey of the mother”.  The teaching of the CrystaLoveLight Process is primarily to “open” the Gift, a combination of... full article

Caring for Life's Journey's

Wednesday, 27th August, 2014 Introduction:  One of several stories coming from visits to Hong Kong.  The conscious title of this article reflects much more than the sign of the city railway stations.  The title for this... full article

Remembering "The Mother" on Mother's Day

Sunday, 11th May, 2014 Introduction:  The birthing process is The CrystaLoveLight Process and in opening the four gifts, is a doorway for The Gift of the Channel.  A mother holds the LoveLight possible which begins from conception... full article

A Shamanic Journey

Wednesday, 30th April, 2014 Introduction:  Ten years ago, I discovered my gift as a "shaman" while participating with thirty other people over a two week retreat, facilitated by my second significant teacher and mentor.  Opening... full article

The CrystaLoveLight Children

Sunday, 27th April, 2014 Introduction:  The honour of being a teacher has brought me in contact with children of all ages and nationalities.  The conclusion I have reached is ‘who is really the teacher’ for the children... full article

The Gift of "Channelling"

Saturday, 22nd February, 2014 Introduction:  The stories presented in the articles reflect the amazing Gift of the Channel!  How to teach this gift as if just another modality in the alternative ‘healing’ practices.  One a... full article

The Cycle of Life

Wednesday, 1st January, 2014 Introduction:  The door in Cairns, in far north Queensland opened significantly regarding writing and wrote several ‘channelled’ articles for the Connect Magazine.  The following teaching article,... full article

Butterflies, Flowers & Trees

Monday, 6th May, 2013 Introduction:  The story of a three day retreat recently facilitated with a woman I have known for a decade and more, also an alternative healer.  The article is a journey together and the confirmation... full article

The Spider's Touch

Wednesday, 17th April, 2013 Introduction:  The power of a song has the potential of awakening what has been held or stored in the subconscious and is a journey ‘beyond the beyond.’  The gift of feeling or clairsentience is a... full article

One Voice - One Sound!

Thursday, 28th February, 2013 Introduction:  The power of music is beyond the consciousness for it assists the by-passing of the mind or mental body and connects the light into and through the heart.  Primarily based on a career as a... full article