A Shamanic Journey

Introduction:  Ten years ago, I discovered my gift as a "shaman" while participating with thirty other people over a two week retreat, facilitated by my second significant teacher and mentor.  Opening up the consciousness of the earth and water, hence, the indoor office moved outdoors including the bush, on the beach and public swimming pools.

The gift and title shaman awoken in me ten years ago while participating in a two week live-in retreat and began working with the earth, also the water consciousness.  The retreat was facilitated by my second significant teacher and mentor, an earth mother herself, my office moved outdoors into the Australian bush.  The consciousness of the earth and water, on the beach, in public as well as private swimming pools, a unique way of working opened. 

Books written on "shamanism" could fill a city library, yet my experience was indeed spiritual in nature yet shamanism is not affiliated with any particular religious denomination.  Nor can anyone embracing this title be held within the boundaries of traditional indigenous cultures.  A unique journey which opened up two conscious titles closely associated and enhancing shamanism, "spiritual midwife", also, "earth mother".  These titles reflects not so much "what I do", but define who “I Am".

The shift from understanding the role of a midwife as one assisting a mother birth, became spiritual midwife and one who opens the doors for a soul to awaken their gifts.  Discovering the potential through their own learning and stepping into the power of their own self!  However, the term "earth mother", through my own ‘channelling’, dropped into my consciousness some years later.  Opening more fully the gifts of seeing, hearing, knowing and feeling, not just the "light" but "love".  Two major ingredients for the whole cake to be complete!  The journey begins with a series of constant activations, re-patterning and reconnection.  Expanding one’s own vibrational frequencies through a new dimension, birthed and anchored in the physical body. 

The healing practice through shamanism is a powerful gift for people of today as it has been throughout history, despite indigenous peoples around the world struggling to hold onto their traditions and teachings.  Similar to all major religions of the world, coming under one umbrella, a shaman has a broad approach and the consciousness is a much bigger picture.  Expanding beyond the earth, through the water, possibly holding memories or stories of separation from the tribe, family and wider community.   Once again, the stories for souls on the planet could fill a large library!

Shamanism opens the conscious mind! What may have been missed previously, therefore, not able to be seen, known, felt and heard, even though it has been right under my nose, is now awakened. The challenges presented are able to be perceived in a new "light"! Knowledge and insights for a shaman come through Gaia, "the earth mother", a primary teacher for all people incarnated on planet earth.  Offering all her gifts, the plant and animal kingdoms of the earth, through the vast water consciousness, assist one reconnect to "spirit".  The ability to recognize and embrace these as gifts is another story!

The disconnection from "the mother", a deeply personal experience for everyone who has birthed into physical form and as much about the spirit as well as the heart. The combination of the soul is heart plus spirit and if one is disconnected the vehicle (the physical body), normally functioning fully on two cylinders is reduced to one. The heart (love) and spirit (light) make up the sum total of a fully functioning soul. Therefore, the expression sometimes used to refer to a person as a "lost soul", has many layers and levels to consider in the healing process.

The profound gift of sacred sound, expressed through the voice or instruments are basic tools "channelled" by a shaman, activating the "sounds of the mother" and bypass the mind and open the heart.  Being constantly reminded by my first teacher/healer to "get of my head and into my heart", initially puzzled by this phrase, thinking I was in my heart. Discovering some years later just how right she was, however, not being able to hear, see and in particular, feel, coming to this realisation through my own intense "inner channelled" guidance.

A soul, born in the feminine gender, may assume the natural flow and gift of "motherhood"! Therefore, how much more challenging for the masculine, all those men, especially the father's, holding the 'energy' of a shaman in being the provider through tradition hunting and protectors in their tribe. Understanding the terms "earth mother and shaMAN" are one and the same, all depending on the gender.  All gifts ‘channelled’ in ‘Oneness’ hold both as does the Love and the Light.  The Gifts of the Channel, seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing the LoveLight are not separate, one will open the door for the others. 

The ‘channelled’ alignment of All That I Am involves an activation of the disempowered feminine and the masculine.  The feminine is a major door for re-patterning and reconnecting to the ‘mother’ despite the gender born into in this early lifetime.  By re-connecting, birthing and anchoring more fully to the earth mother, "Gaia", the gifts will reach their fullest potential.  Therefore the physical body is an essential door yet the meridians, chakras, organs (cellular memories) or any one of the twelve systems within the body hold memories of ‘separation’ and require unlocking.  The gradual 'process' not only requires 'travelling' through the "pathways of light", but also integrating the expansion of new vibrational frequencies. All part of the journey and a lifetime path to 'self-empowerment'!

The unborn child hearing the LoveLight sounds of the mother will connect more fully to the ‘Oneness’ for there will be no ‘separation’, making the transition to the earth natural as they take their first breath.  A mother who has birthed in the physical, knows the necessity and importance of the breath.  Hence, essential in reconnecting the spirit through the heart, a merging process where love braids with the light, mother with child, masculine/feminine and the physical with the etheric.

The final outcome, the ‘channel’ opening in the colour frequency of my "I Am Body", therefore, holding the greatest potential for and within the soul. The flow begins as the "pain", be it emotional, spiritual, mental, physical and more, is transcended through "All That Is".  The journey throughout the Creation Web of CrystaLoveLight is a shaman/earth mother awakening for those ready to embrace all gifts through a new consciousness as we walk the earth, the path of life. 

The challenge for all, re-patterning the fears, "the old school" beliefs, traditions and possible teachings that do not serve the higher dimensions. The use ask of "letting go" of all that is part of the ‘separation story’, especially when held in the deep subconscious.  Thus, expanding the vessel of LoveLight, the “I Am or Crystal Body” (including the physical) holding all that is potentially possible! The potential of LoveLight for both masculine and feminine, fully in their power as ‘One’ is possible as both are equally honoured. 

The journey in awakening all that is conscious regarding shamanism, are equally birthed through all that "I Am" as an earth mother. Hearing the sounds of the earth, through the birdsongs, assist one remember the sounds of the mother, birthing all gifts more fully as one then can see, feel and know that I Am Light, I Am Love!
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