Butterflies, Flowers & Trees

Introduction:  The story of a three day retreat recently facilitated with a woman I have known for a decade and more, also an alternative healer.  The article is a journey together and the confirmation when the ‘Channel’ is fully trusted.     

Before any retreat begins, a visit to the supermarket is necessary either with the client or without them and begins a physical connection with their energy.  While shopping, I noticed some flowers and thought, “how nice”, especially the bright yellow ones in among the purple and white.  I approached the selection, discovering a butterfly, attached to a long metal stem sitting right in the middle of the bunch and on my way home, enjoyed a quick swim in the ocean, ensuring I was in a clear space before commencing the retreat. 

Upon opening the back door of the car, a spider dropped out, surprising me for I was not expecting such a large creature and wondering where its home had been, my place or from the beach area.  Noticing it only had four legs, not eight, three legs on one side and one on the other, so possibly had been caught in the door.  Dropping to the ground, it seemed well and truly alive, making its way into the gutter under the car.  Reminding me some years prior when a very large spider was in my home with only seven legs and the message, “I still had some work to do”.   

Observing the sea, the waves to be big, so with body board in hand attempted to put my flippers on and broke the rubber strap that sits around the heel.  Beginning to wonder what was coming over the next few days!  Disempowerment in the water, the inability to ‘go where needed’ or both?

Day One....

The retreat ‘process’ begins in the subconscious with the activations once the date and time have been put in place. However, the more conscious work begins once in the physical retreat space.  The first night for this soul produced a restful sleep, although woke in the early hours when she would normally be hitting the floor and on move but was able to return to bed, resting further.  The first session began with an ‘ear candling’ session which lasted for approximately three hours.  While the procedure only takes approximately forty minutes, the soul travelling session is beyond any time frame and significant connection to the gift of ‘Clair-audience’. 

Reconnecting through a unique and profound journey with ‘spirit’, consciously seen as an animal or mythical totems.  Hence, parts of the CrystaLoveLight Body and the conscious awakening included the unicorn, spider and butterfly.  The journey throughout the Creation Web depends on the conscious intention regarding health, relationships or career.  The pathways of light, the ‘Song-lines’ are mapped throughout the ‘inner worlds’ or earths and activated by singing, beginning a shift through several vibrational frequencies or pathways of light.

Each spirit totem, e.g. dolphin, butterfly and more are of a multi-dimensional nature, assisting in the birthing of LoveLight or I Am Body.  The gifts are birthed and anchored through All That I Am, the physical body being the most conscious door of all, hence the soul travelling needed to go “beyond the beyond”.  Three conscious inner worlds or realms of earth, water and stars, each with stories for a particular soul.   A spirit connection throughout All That Is, the Great Creation Web of CrystaLoveLight!
However, the mental, emotional or several others etheric, non-physical bodies maybe holding deep core memories, seen as disempowerment, then doors cannot be opened.  An animal totem wounded in the wild has some element reflected in nature of the separation story regarding to a particular part of the crystal body. Explaining why for three years prior to my ‘channel’ opening I was totally activated by wounded animals and discontinued being a ‘wildlife carer’.  The same experience was obvious when I offered my time, volunteering as a Life Line Counsellor. 

Once a path of healing for myself was intensely embraced, memories activated and brought to the surface with the assistance of my first mentor began a journey of re-patterning the love, in time, the light.  Assisted over two years by a teacher/mentor who ‘channelled’ primarily through the gift of ‘clairaudience’.  Yet taking years to fully understand her gift and my own ‘separation stories’ would be fully realised, becoming a ‘channel’ for The CrystaLoveLight Process

Day Two…

A trip to a very large, crystal warehouse became the primary focus half way through the retreat.  A place I had offered to others participating in a two or more day retreat experience.  The conscious and primary reason, to purchase a crystal for her friend’s birthday and she had collected money from several people to put towards the gift.  Knowing this was indeed a conscious doorway, but wondering what subconscious memories would be activated and revealed over a couple of hours.  All in divine time!  

Immediately I received a message, this soul required some assistance regarding the ‘mental body’ door.  Obtaining a booklet from the shop owner, she began to check the prices as she only had a set amount of money with which to purchase a crystal.  Moving her initially past this head space and into her heart consciously was a challenge but not surprising what unfolded.  The first gift is ‘feeling’ into the crystals, combined with ‘seeing’, which one gets your attention, only then if a potential purchase is considered, ‘hearing’ the price from a staff member. 

A tall cupboard or cabinet with several shelves became our conscious connection in beginning the journey into the starry realms and asked my client to stand in front of all the crystals.  On two of the shelves stood crystal butterflies and the basket on the floor contained a large crystal tree, plus others.  Her openness to the ‘process’ was one of trust and honour for herself and also me as the variety of conscious colours began shifting the vibrational frequencies.  Initially she did not see the trees, only the butterflies yet I was very conscious of the trees and not so much the butterflies, seeing as well as knowing where we were heading. 

The ‘process’ of travelling through the starry realms was indeed symbolised by the butterfly doorkeepers.  The beautiful creatures were indeed an activation through their colours as all began to shift and being a ‘starry’ natured soul, we were quickly on a journey.  Therefore, the first conscious assistance offered was anchoring the new vibration through her physical body and into the earth.  The conscious teaching about to come through the trees! 

Approximately five minutes later, she connected with the trees in the basket, then noticing the smaller ones on the very top shelf and thanks to the butterflies, doors opened. The doorkeeper for consciously birthing the gift of ‘seeing the love in the starry realms’ Confusion and a feeling of being overwhelmed is often a block in the mental body.  How to move or shift this ‘energy’ is by simply working with the colours and the breath.  Travelling a pathway of light and the totems or doorkeepers reflecting the conscious spirit connection of LoveLight.   The key part of any crystal body either assisting a soul to travel or show the disempowerment held and a separation story regarding love, light or both.  The activation through sacred sound for a particular doorkeeper holds the key in opening the conscious doors necessary and unique for each soul.   

A phrase often expressed by people, “they are off with the fairies”  or “they are on another planet” may add to understanding the CrystaLoveLight Process in bringing parts of the crystal body, so far ‘out there’ and separate from the I Am Body, the sum total or combination of All That I Am.  By birthing through the Great Mother, a journey through the starry spheres, the water consciousness and the earth is the journey a butterfly plus other forms of consciousness assist, in the soul’s divine time, re-patterning the gift of seeing the love, also hearing, feeling and knowing.   

Crystal Tree

The conscious awakening of the tree is a powerful and profound symbolic key.  The leaves on the branches, the small crystals attached to the limbs, all represent parts of the CrystaLoveLight Body.  The etheric butterfly is one of these small crystals yet multi-dimensional, however, during a soul travelling journey, several crystals will be connected with and each holds a particular vibrational frequency.  Memories held by the butterfly may initially be of the heart, yet in time will be reconnecting the spirit. Not all insights come at once but are progressive throughout the ongoing retreat days, remembering there was still a crystal gift to be found and bought for her friend. 

The ‘energy’ of LoveLight, represented by the small crystals, began to travel down from the higher part of the tree, through the trunk and is the physical body.  Solid, strong and a clear pathway for a re-connection with the Earth Mother, Gaia, through the root system below the surface of the earth.  Hence lies, the Earth Crystal Heart of the Mother!  The day prior to visiting the crystal shop not only included an ear candling session, but another soul travelling journey through the rainforest and finally ending up on the beach.  The rainforest overlooked the ocean, a large headland or hill, right in the heart of suburbia and with spectacular views of the coastline to the south as well as to the west. 

The large trees opened up a new consciousness throughout the walk and truly connecting through large root systems, were to become a significant part of the journey in the crystal shop.  While standing in front of the display of butterflies and trees in the cupboard, I remembered and spoke about the size of the trees from the previous day. The consciousness of connecting to such a large physical tree was now being experienced through a small crystal tree with a similar energy.

The CrystaLoveLight Process

While I never fully understand, nor see, hear or know every aspect of a session in the exact moment, what is ‘channelled’ takes days to confirm all that began when initially buying flowers in the supermarket.  Going with the feelings and trusting the ‘process’ that all will be revealed in due time, or perhaps, ‘divine time’.  Working it out or controlling the ‘process’ can be a mental exercise and the heart not necessarily being connected.  Being guided to buy flowers, prior to the first day of the three day retreat, was something I had not considered for any other soul coming over three or more days.  The Gift of the Channel, fully birthed through All That I Am, is a combination of knowing (wisdom), a higher consciousness, feeling (Clair-sentience) gifts being activated deep within the subconscious.  Already this soul had a powerful or dominant primary gift in seeing (Clairvoyance). 

The ‘channel’ for the CrystaLoveLight Process began consciously in 2003 while living on a rural property and connecting to the wildlife coming every day to my space.  Although some were seasonal, others came with a particular soul on retreat, an animal that I had never seen before and referred to three bird books, finding out on a conscious level what I was to learn.  Their teachings, asking for the higher conscious message which often caught my attention with their singing except in the case of the crows, their squawking and opened a new consciousness in working with sacred sound.  The ‘inner work’ with crystals and drawing codes also contributed to a deep awakening.

The conscious activation of all that was etheric and physical, began a birthing of several parts of my CrystaLoveLight Body, also the four gifts of the I Am Body.  The unique soul travelling through starry spheres, portals or doorways as they opened with the tools I was working with daily.  Song-lines, activated by sound, speaking and singing light language, also assisted me connect through the Great Web, not just one universe but several, beyond the beyond.  Eventually seeing and knowing the separated parts of my crystal body returning through all doors, in particular the physical body.  Birthing and anchoring into the earth, travelling through the lei lines or meridians of Gaia, the Earth Mother.  Understanding the physical earth is not separate to our stories or memories held in the earth, water and starry inner realms

Day Three

The final day had arrived and the first soul travelling session began at 6.30am my client had little sleep, indicating much was taking place in the subconscious and the inability to travel where needed was obvious to me.  The first stage of the session was approximately two and a half hours, beginning with sitting in a comfortable chair, followed by laying on the sofa/lounge.  Sessions are completed by sitting in a comfortable chair with both feet firmly on the floor.

The soul core memory was revealed and immediately shared the information with her response, “yes, I knew that”, a comment I have heard many times over in previous session.  So why had it taken four years to finally come to a place of being able to ‘hear, feel, know and see’ what had been sitting in the soul’s energy field for so long?  The ‘process’ is holding and waiting at the door, living in hope a soul may be able to walk through, also known as an awakening of the consciousness.  The deep core memories begin to re-pattern, birth and anchor in the I Am or CrystaLoveLight Body, all within a new dimension.  The parts unable to ‘be’ in the ‘Oneness’ with the heart/spirit combined, will block the flow of the ‘channel’.  The emotional and mental bodies (doors) opened in the session, but there are more to walk through, the masculine, feminine, spiritual and eventually allowing the flow of LoveLight through all bodies of the I Am, the physical being the solid connection to the earth.

The “Channelled” message revealing a core memory had a reply I have heard many times in the past, “yes I knew that”, but wonder why it had taken four years for a soul to finally come to a place of being able to know, hear and see?  The ‘process’ not only assists a soul reach the awakening and consciousness of the deep core memories, but further birth, then fully anchor the I Am Body in a new dimension.  While the emotional and mental bodies were necessary doors to open, thus allowing the flow of LoveLight through all other bodies of the CrystaLoveLight Body, also the higher multi-dimensional bodies seen as a unicorn, spider and butterfly.  Any soul on retreat may find the intake of food challenging with such energies moving through and indicating to me something else was still coming, so by laying her on the massage table, I could assist the physical body with the new download of Light coming through the etheric bodies.

The emotional and mental bodies were finally opened and the feminine was yet to come through the 7th dimension, even higher.  Indeed, the ‘collective memory’ was beginning to become conscious, not just through the personal memory of separation but to all that was ‘out there’ through the door of a partner, (or x-partner), children, their partners, extended family, friends and more.  The sense that her time on the massage table on this final day was going to be far shorter than the three hour session the previous day.  The pain she felt the day before I too felt in my feet and as a ‘channel’ have experienced much of the emotional pain as it moves through me.  Not only seeing, knowing and hearing their pain, but feeling it intensely.  Often an indication of what has been held for so long, years in fact.

Another level of intense pain held in her body finally came through my left foot.  My primary gifts of feeling, (Clairsentience) indicated to me the intensity of the pain now in the physical as well as other etheric bodies.  Finally completing the session, am guided to sit after intense physical ‘hands on’, taking time to breathe, focusing on the Light but ‘channelling’ further messages as the energy begins to ground. However, not before tears moved through me, lasting for a couple of minutes.  A very physical indication of the huge release through her emotional body, but with no sense of being overwhelmed or caught up in the drama as this door opened.  All taking place as I sat in the chair bringing information through that she was ready to hear.  While I have felt in the past emotion and tears, this was the most intense and like opening doors of or flood gates of a huge dam.

The ‘Gift as a Channel for the Council of Light’ birthed and anchored over the years due to the intense inner work in understanding the CrystaLoveLight Process, enables me to consciously hold what is needed for a soul to open the heart.  “Channelling” a ‘process’ which assists a soul journey consciously through the Creation Web of CrystaLoveLight and re-connect, re-pattern, finally birthing the I Am Body in the dimension a soul can possibly awaken too in the physical body.  By Soul Travelling, I am able to remember the Gifts of the I Am which have held the stories or memories relating to any issue regarding the ‘separation of the heart, spirit, soul, The Mother and finally, the ‘Oneness of All That Is’! 

The conscious connection with and through The Mother is the core of the CrystaLoveLight Process, the ‘mother’ of the earth for all shamans and earth mothers. Followed closely with the water consciousness as ‘healers’ through the whales and dolphins.  All very much part of Weaving the Web of Light in the starry realms beyond the consciousness.  Remembering and restoring the four gifts, hence the ability to soul travel to the core of my being where the soul birthed as pure Light. 

Home Coming

The struggle for many souls to find a place on the earth to call “home” often comes with spending a great deal of time and money in trying to manifest or work out why this is not possible.  A sense of being lost on the earth, changing careers, partners and travelling in an effort to find love in the heart. The activations over the days, shifting through several vibrational frequencies revealed a deep core memory, assisting the mental body to ‘let go’.  The four gifts, similar to a four cylinder car does not function fully when once or more power connections are blocked. 

Finally, after enjoying some food, we drove a short distance to view a ‘lottery home’ on display.  Part of the conscious final journey together through a few hours of integration while still in my energy field.  Moving away from the CrystaLoveLight Retreat Centre which was my ‘home’, conscious of not allowing the possibility of further activations when the ‘jug was already full’.  Now it was time to ‘drink’ and allow the body to take in all that had occurred over the three days.  The initial time is significant and until the integration period is complete, it can be very challenging for a soul to hold the LoveLight vibration, with gifts now in a new dimension as they prepare to return to their own 'home’ environment.  

While walking up the long driveway from the road to the home, both experienced a heaviness in our legs and needed to stop. On previous occasions I have experienced this and something or someone is trying to get my attention.  The message has often come through the trees and consciously of all that was still to unfold showed me the retreat was not complete just yet.  Another layer, the confirmation of all that had transpired over the past three days.

The collective conscious story was also awakening as we sat on a stone wall at the end of the driveway.  The knowing came, held in the earth under the house and she saw a set of bars, a sense that souls were ‘trapped’.  Approaching the home, we walked through the ticket selling area, a double garage and I began to see an etheric door, like a vault.  There were several people around us, also dreaming of a ‘new home’ as they viewed the space and bought tickets. 

Our journey was about ‘The Mother’ and the message from the previous day while working on the massage table showed itself again, “women who cannot be mothers in this lifetime”.  Hence, the birthing and anchoring of our gifts through the CrystaLoveLight Process is equally symbolic of conceiving/birthing a baby in the physical body. 

The bigger picture and story of the ‘collective’ regarding all women in various cultures, traditions, including royalty, being honoured only if they can provide an ‘heir’.  Shamanic cultures, even within religious traditions, a woman would have been considered cursed by the gods or God if unable to bear a child or two.  Some years prior, my second teacher and mentor ‘channelled’ the words while sitting in a small group, the term, “spiritual midwife”.  Assisting souls, men and women open to a birthing experience that can be an overwhelming energy of LoveLight through the physical body.  By Soul Travelling the Light Pathways, the Creation Web of CrystaLoveLight, a ‘process’ of ‘coming home’.

Finding ones home on the earth is a lifetime journey, even if the physical structure of a house is obvious.  Yet memories, held consciously or not so conscious are activated, being ‘lost, homeless, depressed and separated from The Mother’.  Therefore, not wanting or able to be ‘on the earth’.  Initially on our walk into the house, I said, “this is your house”!  A ‘channelled’ phrase, in time confirming all that would the layers necessary for her to find her ‘home on the earth’.  While we did not manage to manifest this physical home, all the necessary parts of the ‘process’ in doing the work required at the time were complete for now. 

A strong feeling came when I was shown goose bubs on her arm and what caused this buzzing feeling was a large picture of flowers on the wall.  She said, “this is what I have been seeing for the past three days”, also in every room of this display home, the bed spreads, further pictures on the wall all had a butterfly theme.  Some larger than life and stuck to the walls.  The flowers had the same gold colour as the ones I had bought for the retreat space on the first day. A display book was sitting in the main bedroom, titled, “Australian Voices” and in one of the bedrooms, on the wall, not only butterflies but a picture of nine wrens or robins.  Finding your voice through Sacred Sound Codes and significant for her as with many others in unlocking the throat area.  A necessity if one is able to connect the mental body with the heart, allowing both etheric and physical vibrations anchor in the earth as symbolic in the ‘tree trunk’.

Continuing to walk through the house, I began to feel the vibrational shifting within myself, more apparent when standing in front of another very large picture on the wall.  A tree with several colours throughout and I began to soul travel through the colours, the pathways of light.  Within a minute or so, I saw the energy come through the tree and travel around the house.  Walking into the large kitchen and living area which was connecting to the pool.  Standing outside and feeling to go onto the grass, however, a fence indicated ‘no entry’.  The work was done from over the barrier and felt the strong energy, walking back to the main front door.  Upon entering the house, one could turn left to the bedrooms or right to the kitchen and living area.  If continuing straight, one would arrive at the main gate and to the pool. The gate to the pool was locked for safety reasons, again standing for another ten minutes holding the space while watching a portal open through the water. 

Standing together, sharing how her past designs of a dream home had a pool situated in the middle of the house, just as this one displayed and again reiterated my previous words, “this is your home”.  Physically holding the space even though we could not enter the pool area, I felt the energy through my body lighten and began walking back to the double garage where we could buy tickets.  Passing the main bedroom, energetically I saw the centre of the room a pillar of light and we both stood in it together. 

The lesson which had come days before in the Earth Crystal Shop was to be conscious of ‘going out’, travelling beyond the beyond, yet returning, anchoring or grounding the energy of LoveLight.  Noting again the book, “Australian Voices”, she asked what year I was born and replied, 1953. Another woman overheard the question and asked her to repeat it, immediately saying, “The Year of the Snake”.  The consciousness of Mother Gaia, the Earth Crystal Mother made me ask, “where is she”?  Hence, this mother energy moved from right under our feet, taking the shape of the large rock wall at the back of the property.  Large sandstone blocks which had a similar pattern to the skin markings of the python.  The journey had come to an end…..for now.

Remembering “The Gifts of The I Am – CrystaLoveLight Body”!
Walk gently and slowly among the flowers, seeing and knowing their beauty in light…
Walk gently and slowly among the flowers, feeling and hearing their breath in fragrances of love….
Walk gently and slowly among the flowers, remembering where they birthed….
By walking gently and slowly among the flowers, I honour The Mother beneath and within….
The Oneness, All That I Am & All That Is!
Photo for Butterflies, Flowers & Trees