Caring for Life's Journey's

Introduction:  One of several stories coming from visits to Hong Kong.  The conscious title of this article reflects much more than the sign of the city railway stations. 

The title for this "channelled" article came out of the park in Hong Kong, opposite where I was living and facilitating private sessions during the month long stay in Sai Ying Pun. While most sessions were three hours in duration, several returned on more than once occasion over the four week period. Others however participated in "back to back" schedules, lasting six hours, hence, reflecting the "retreat" style of The CrystaLoveLight Process and "Soul Travelling The Creation Web". Assisting souls move through all that is possible with an integration period in between.

Connecting with the "park" consciously just a few days after arriving in Hong Kong, walking the entire area with a friend while enjoying an ice cream.  We started at the gate or entrance across the road from the apartment building.  Several large old trees lined both sides of the park with one becoming rather significant with the "community work" that was beginning to unfold by the end of the first week. However, all had been activated several months earlier, right back in January when my friend and assistant had sent an email discussing her move to the area.

The park consisted of a full size soccer/football area, a small school for children, approximately four to six years of age and one other public area for children in which they could climb on swings.  Also a gathering place for mothers' or helpers to take the babies and toddlers once the older children were in school. The other significant building in the park, a shed, revealing nothing much above ground except that it was possibly the entrance to a construction site for a new MTR or railway station. Therefore, one could only assume the activity below the surface! Besides the usual logo for the MTR's in Hong Kong, the message also on the wall next to the logo eventually got my attention, "Caring for Life's Journey's".  Realising after two weeks how this would be the title of an article which I began to write while in Hong Kong.  However, the ‘bigger picture’ was yet to unfold and would be completed in the final week after a month of intense sessions. 

The apartment in which I was living and holding private sessions gave me an "overview", a "bird's eye view" of the park from the twentieth floor, also of the harbour which was a little further away.  The view only possible between several tall buildings, each providing a spectacular "light" show at night.  The park was the gathering place for many local residents preparing for the daily ritual of "tai chi" which began at dawn.  The largest group consisted of approximately thirty to forty people, at one end of the sports field while others from four to a dozen gathered in various areas around the park.  Individuals were all participating in various forms of exercise as well, however, one man was a regular who just sat and enjoyed taking in food each morning. Another younger woman was caring for an older woman and wondered what the relationship was, "a helper, daughter" or both? The daily activities brought people together, except when the weather disrupted the events with a day of torrential rain.

Known for typhoons during the summer season, Hong Kong was feeling the effects with one approximately two hundred k's closer to the Philippines.  However, the effects still felt in Hong Kong, one moment the calm clear conditions changed to howling winds and rain. A challenging time making one's way home, by foot or any other means of transport! Other than a couple of "rain storms" the weather for most of the month was hot, humid and therefore I ventured into the busy public swimming pool on three occasions, mostly integrating the "energy work" quickly before returning to the busy schedule. I also found myself at the beach on Lamma Is, a place I first stayed in the first year of visits! The first day was a necessary trip on my own, tuning into the conscious "water healing" day with a group, followed by the Full Moon Ceremony.

Unaware during the first visit to the island of a private "water conscious healing" day would be held towards the end of the fourth week. A time when those able to ‘hold’ the space would be invited for assisting a soul over a conscious day session.  The visit to Lamma Is also gave me the opportunity to purchase three new sarongs, necessary tools for consciously working with the ‘light’. 

Arriving on a Thursday night, the first day of private sessions began on the Friday and Saturday, while Sunday afternoon was dedicated to a more physical conscious "soul travelling" session, visiting the Crystal Shops at Yau Ma Tei. A "gifted" session for those joining me and who would be participating in a month long journey, beginning the month long soul travelling journeys through various vibration frequencies.  Known as Songlines and other conscious pathways of "light" mapped throughout the

Great Creation Web of CrystaLoveLight!

However, it was the final hour of a private six hour session which would lead to a significant journey four days later in relation to the park.  Over several years I had been assisting this soul and at the end of the individual session, walked through the park together, integrating.  A necessary part of the ‘process’ in assisting the physical to be grounded while still in my vibration and the dimension.  Otherwise, taking much longer for her and maybe not possible to ‘hold’ if returning home or to work.  We walked the park not once, but two and a half times, during which I had noticed the circular area with a large tree in the middle and thought, "we will be going in there at some stage", eventually sitting at one of the small round tables.

A large green hedge was around the base of a large tree, a hand span in height and a circular seat as well. There were several other small tables with two seats in the same area and while sitting felt the sharpest pain on the right side of my chest. Sharing this with my client and asking "is this mine"?  Conscious during all sessions of ‘feeling’ everything that is "channelling" through me and wondered if it was "energy" from the session or if it was a "collective" memory now coming through after walking for some time.  Again asking for a few moments to tune in, waiting for the clue and the word I heard was "people". I began scanning the young people playing on the sports field, those exercising that I had become aware of and who were, in turn, conscious of us both, but no one resonated.

I waited quietly once again and within seconds the building behind me on the other side of the street, the main road going from east to west! The name, High Street was well known in the area and the building had history. Someone was trying to get my attention and they certainly did, but this time it was not human but from the "spirit" worlds. The consciousness of what was now a "community centre" was not even a consideration to be pondered at the end of a six hour private session.

Since the writing of this story began, I re-opened an email sent to me by my friend several months prior in which she described her new space: "The new flat has a beautiful view from the 20th floor that looks onto a big park, has great light and it's almost like the landscape cradles the flat. I actually wanted another apartment on the street higher from where this flat is, but someone beat me to it and this one is a bit cheaper”.  The weirdest thing is, the apartment is diagonally across from a very "haunted" ex-mental hospital/old government building/ex Japanese execution site that was converted into a public space and I am totally spooking myself out over it because I didn't even realize until I looked again after the contract was signed. So I'm just trying not to scare myself because I live by myself and I'll have to walk by it probably everyday! So I guess this means I'll be doing some work surrounding this? Sai Ying Pun is one of the oldest areas of HK actually.  Anyways, the view of the park is great and I'm just wondering what this is all about! I've just been following my intuition and seeing where it leads though it is scary renting an expensive apartment in an area I've never lived or known about before. It feels very adventurous though and it's almost like I feel I have to propel myself forward towards this sort of lifestyle change/renewal ... and that I have to start living a bit more and enjoying myself and my space. I really wonder where all this is going to go!"

My response to her move was exciting for I knew old area well, having worked there during my previous visit to Hong Kong, two years prior. However, what had been activated in the consciousness was also the beginning of something in the deep subconsciousness as I asked her in an email to ‘send the exact address so I can look to where you are going on Google map". The guidance I hope would assist was also emailed back to her in January 2014, relating to "fear, superstition and the collective of both", all very real. “Regarding the energy around you with the ("haunted" ex-mental hospital/old government building/ex Japanese execution site) there are areas in cities as well as out in the country which are obvious in what they are possibly still holding and this could be one of them. Those that are not so obvious can be more challenging. I suggest you begin with your own new flat, again all part of your learning and be totally guided. Set your intention with it all before you even move in. Once in and any physical cleaning that may need to be done, even if spotless, it is about putting your 'energy' into it all, then be guided as to which crystals go where, in every room. It would be challenging to work with such a conscious 'energy' nearby, so therefore necessary to anchor your own vibration in the dimension your physical body is holding.

Only then can you be guided how and when to work with outside energies. It is similar to situations when living next door or near a cemetery. We create and assist both the physically living and the dead find their way to the 'Light'. Lost souls have become separate from their spirit, 'living or dead,' therefore "portals" need to be opened so they can 'travel'! This will not happen fully in your first working with this, but all 'spirits' (living and dead) will be attracted to your LoveLight vibration, just like bees to honey or a magnet effect, so they will need to have somewhere to go.

Any fear you may be holding in regards to this 'conscious energy' nearby will be re-patterned as you do the work in your own space. I recently worked with a memory "if I was ready for who may walk through the door" and that was regarding souls who are still in the physical. Who and what was going to be asked of me? So I understand a similar energy coming from such an old institution! Also from what I have seen in movies and documentaries regarding the Japanese during the Second World War, they were brutal with no regard for prisoners on any level. Hence, why the need to work with your own space first! During my initial years on a rural/farm property when my 'channel' opened, I was very conscious of assisting the 'spirit' world, not so much where I am living now except when a "spirit" comes in for the a client. The soul or souls who may need assistance may be in either the physical or in the 'etheric spirit' world.  
Anyway for now, I hope this has assisted you be a little more conscious of how to work with it all?'

During the following week in Hong Kong I began to research beyond what I was continuing to hear through my friend and seems every taxi driver knew about High Street as the place of the "haunted" building. So I checked out several internet sites: "Tales of ghostly sightings were spread since it was abandoned in the 1970s. Therefore, it is known as "High Street Ghost House" or Haunted House in High Street. The building became the haunt of curious teenagers and drug addicts who used the methadone clinic nearby before the reconstruction, because the building remained unoccupied for 20 years from 1970s". (Wikipedia)

Did I really want to go there? The pain in my chest said "yes", while other parts of me were saying "no"! Even the internet had the building rated as one of several around the world with such a reputation. Over the weeks I also noticed people burning fires in the street and the practice was a conscious awareness of the "collective" fear.  Also disconnecting from the beliefs and superstition regarding the "spirit" world.  The net searching or further investigation of the school, situated next to the Community Centre discovered its history as well and the word that caught my attention was "orphanage".  The sign still on the street indicating this even though it no longer existed as a place, also with stories and memories of "separation".  The "orphanage" was very much in my consciousness as a young child and teenager, for such an institution was in my community, families in the area, including my parents assisted the nuns in various ways.  My siblings and other local catholic children attended the school until twelve years of age then travelled further to the local High School.  Often my family and others would assist with accommodation during the school holidays, taking in at least one child, also to allow the nuns have a holiday.  Hence the community surroundings I now found myself in Hong Kong, connecting and working with "energies" on many levels of consciousness but all that was still held deep in the subconscious was becoming a much ‘bigger picture’!

Community Service Work

Entering the park with the intention of completing a six hour session soon became "service"!  We walked, moving and integrating the 'energy' of the session, physically.  Immediately taking us both to another level, simply because we could and before feeling the sharp pain in my chest, which awakened the conscious energy connecting to the "Community Centre", I had a sense the tree in the circular courtyard was a "portal, a gateway". Usually with no other reason than to open it consciously through both the non-physical worlds and the physical! The souls from the spirit world had my attention that I could not ignore due to the pain in my heart and were looking for assistance in ‘going to the Light’. 

"Service work" assists the re-patterning of any memory, but in particular "the abuse of power"! Held through the conscious realms, starry, earth, water and eventually all three! Whatever type of "service" work is undertaken in the consciousness, there will be something sitting in the subconscious, for as a "channel" one door leads to the other. Whatever a soul is drawn too within the conscious world, will have some element of "healing", for the children, animals, the elderly, the environment and more, the gift of a shaman/earth mother.  Towards the end of a thirty year period as a teacher in various government and catholic institutions, I began to pursue an intensive "inner journey" of healing.  The story of "power abuse", both towards me and in relation to others, in particular "the children who were my students". The memories also were not only personal, but "collective"! Regarding a hospital for the mentally challenged and within the same building, the Japanese army would have "abused power" in relation to their prisoners until the end of the war. Why would these circumstances throughout history have anything to do with me and the group now consciously connecting to and engaging in such "service work"?

We had three small crystals and guided my client to place them on the seat around the tree. The gateways began to open with ‘sacred sound’ and consciously stated our intentions, thus enabling the souls to begin "travelling" where needed. The three crystals all had a particular door to open, one in particular energetically taking me into the building! The windows were being opened, but not in a calm easy way but were being shattered, ensuring that they never be closed or even locked again. The etheric "light" began entering the building, aware all was occurring in a dimension that would not have been worked with before and the time frame for our work was one hour. Finally I asked how to "see" and understand what was occurring and saw all etheric souls or spirits as angels, on the move, ‘travelling’. I sensed it was not complete as we were only working consciously with the "light" and is the initial stage of any session but the heart must be opened to receive the ‘Light’.  The activations, set in motion, would have been enormous on this scale regarding the physical area in which we had begun the work and would continue throughout the weeks to follow as my own vibration continued to expand through the 9th dimension. 

The group sessions in the days and weeks following would reveal who could and wished to take this story to it completion.  Work commitments were to be considered and from the apartment, a group of three joined me to continue the work further, in particular the "collective" story!

The following morning, after the private session and the work in the park, beginning the opening of the ‘portal’, I was standing at the gate on the street of our apartment block, speaking with my friend before she headed off for the day.  She indicated how the energy was already different around the building. While I could not "see", through my "knowing" I was aware of a beam of "white light", streaming through the top of the building and etheric "spirits" where hovering around the area. Waiting, as some would have been apprehensive of moving through the "portal or gateways of light" until the "love" could be held, all in "divine time"!  Following the first conscious night's work in the park, I spoke about the work with the Community Centre in the group sessions, raising the consciousness as well as activating all that was necessary for those who would be able and ready to assist, once the time was set. While several were able to connect from a distance, there were four, including myself who would hold the physical space in the end.  Another soul who was the owner of a vegetarian café a couple of streets away, called "Living Light", also was very much connected to the "energy" work as we had come together for sessions over several years.  She generously provided us with free food which assisted in grounding ourselves and indicated she would be playing mantra sounds in the café until she closed around 9.30pm.  Once grounded, the doors could begin to “open” and would begin receiving the messages or insights of how the night would unfold. 

On the Wednesday of my final week, the night chosen for our gathering to complete the "community work", the weather was a challenge and I wondered if we were going to be asked to venture out into a "rain storm", but again remembering to "trust"! We began the session indoors, in the apartment following our delicious food!  The activations coming from the voices of the group as well as the sounds of the "drum" for around twenty minutes, all reflecting and "remembering the heartbeat of the Mother". To my surprise when I opened my eyes at the end of the sounding, I discovered the clouds were parting and the sky clear. As we began the session I kept "seeing" the Japanese soldiers who had occupied Hong Kong and remembered the building had been a place of execution. However, I shared with the group it was not necessary to go into the "horror" story but to hold the LoveLight for the souls we were now assisting! The drama and emotion can be so easily "hooked" into, therefore taking up unnecessary time as well as "pull" any participating individual out of their "channel" if holding any part of the "separation" story we are connecting too! All being supported and moved through because of the "group consciousness" in working with the "collective"!

No doubt the word "torture" could also be a factor on many levels where the "spirit" disconnects from the heart, implying that many, living and dead are "tortured souls". Not just the prisoners of war but the "separation" of many crystal bodies or parts of a mentally ill person! Whether drug or medically induced, even held in the genetic line, there is a fine line between being psychic and having this fully grounded, integrated or psychotic where the gifts open to fast too soon! I did hear a story from someone that many of the patients in the hospital were "trapped" for they were considered "mad" when in fact it was not the case. Just "gifted"!

Over the next two weeks I had tuned into the park and the Community Centre, but with no resonance.  However, during this period continued searching the internet to gain another level of historical facts as well as the "energy" of others writing about such places.  Now in my third week in Hong Kong, I had yet another brief window to "catch my breath", integrate, which included washing, ironing, catching up with emails and a significant time for my own ‘inner soul travelling’ meditations.  The morning therefore disappeared and by the time I could go to the pool for the necessary essential exercise for my physical body, it was 4.30pm. The pool closed for an hour at 5 for cleaning, so was informed to return at 6pm. I knew I only needed thirty minutes in the water but had to "let go" of that happening so began walking back up Eastern Street, towards High Street. The walk as usual moved the "energy" enough and I began wondering if I was now being guided to connect physically with the Community Centre, avoiding going into the building physically, also because my schedule was very full, but now it seemed to be the time!

While walking past the Centre, I consciously checked out the methadone clinic at the end of Eastern Street and across the street was the school, originally the ‘orphanage’.  Finding the main entrance into the Centre and the older façade was impressive, having been destroyed by fire, twice, the internal structure was completely rebuilt. Feeling and tuning into the energy, it all seemed "light". Walking through the building for a second time, then out onto the street, arriving at the school and clinic from a different direction. At that moment I saw the sign, "the diocesan school and orphanage" which was initially a school for girls, then became an orphanage for boys! Owned and run by the Anglican Church, my thoughts considered the reputation of many such institutions around the world as places of "abuse" on all levels, although I had found no information to justify my thoughts and "feelings"!  However, the stories and memories of ‘separation’ were obvious.

A matter of co-incidence how it was all coming together, all part of the "flow"! Those assisting in the consciousness of the "service" work with me for the first time were discovering how I work as a "shaman and earth mother". Fully in the "zone of my channel", for the first time in the park as well as two group sessions on the beach, I was not concerned for those assisting me being watched, at times with "superstition". This had been a factor with other outdoor work in the past and another level of activation occurring. While I knew about the building's history, and the common knowledge that it was "haunted", this was definitely not in my consciousness as I entered the park on that Thursday in my first week.  The simple and clear message after the intensive long session was to, "go to the park"! Trusting this guidance in how I would be completing the hours of work with my client, indeed as on previous occasions, shown to me once out of the space where we had been holding the session and beginning to move it all through the physical body.  The period of integration I had anticipated was definitely not how I expected what eventually unfolded that night and throughout the weeks to follow.

The history of the Community Centre, initially built in 1892, did not become a mental hospital for females until 1947, and was the only one of its type in the city when the population in Hong Kong just over one million, now more than seven.  The building continued to function as such until the Castle Peak Mental Hospital opened in 1961 and for the next decade until 1971 switched back to a day treatment centre for psychiatric out-patients. The building remained unoccupied for another two decades, fell into disrepair until the government decided to restore it in the 1990's.

The final stage of our "community work" was to take place in the park itself, however before leaving the comfort of the apartment, I asked, as I do in all sessions, if anyone wanted to share or ask a question! My friend responded, "how will we know when the work is complete"?  A "channelled” response came, "when we are not activated by all that we hear, feel, see and know from people in the community"! While we can shift and re-pattern our own CrystaLoveLight Body through several vibrational frequencies and dimensions, lifting beyond where deep subconscious "fears and beliefs" held by many people, personally, it is indeed another bigger "playing field" to be working with the "collective consciousness". The confirmation comes when I can hold the LoveLight within myself! Therefore not being "hooked" into the lower dimensions and pulled "out of my channel of light". Possible when the CrystaLoveLight has been fully birthed, anchored and integrated in the I Am Body. Through all vibrational frequencies within the dimension held by all etheric bodies and the most conscious door of all, the physical!

Assisting souls who are "in spirit" only, whatever the circumstances of their death and why they are unable to go to the "light", is about working with the "unknown, unseen", two of the Gifts of the I Am! Therefore, the etheric crystal bodies, the spiritual, mental, emotional, disempowered feminine, held in this story through the mentally ill, as well the disempowered masculine of many prisoners of war and some women, all "stuck" in multi-dimensional realms, unable to move or "travel". Hence the nature of The CrystaLoveLight Process, being able to "soul travel" and assist one go, wherever needed, all due to the "group consciousness". In turn, I and other souls are able to "soul travel" and reconnect to Source, All That Is!

Guided to take the group to the park, something I never thought possible due to the weather which just one hour earlier, could only be described as "torrential rain". Taking one crystal each, we reached the entrance to the park and I asked two of the group to walk to the left, while another walked with me to the right, meeting at the "portal", the tree. Reminding and remembering that the "light" was now anchoring through our "feet"! The "dolphin gateway", the "spirit/breath" reconnecting through the "Crystal Heart of the Mother", Gaia! Each of the crystals were placed at four points, representing the directions, north, south, east and west! The CrystaLoveLight was coming together and was fully anchored through the Songlines, having travelled through the starry "spheres" and now into the Lei Lines through the physical roots of the tree. The group holding the space now reconnecting through and becoming "One" with the "portal", a very large tree in the physical, but "etherically", the tree as well as the group were now fully expanded beyond the circular area in which we were standing!

The consciousness awakening can be one of empowerment or continue to hold an element of superstition, fear and beliefs surrounding working with the "spirit" world. Why was I on this journey with this group of people! Initially I was mostly working in the subconscious around and within a culture I found myself during this particular month. Witnessing people burning small fires in the streets, initially, as I was on my own thought it was someone burning rubbish or papers! Discovering that it was a Chinese tradition during the lunar month of July, was also known as the "ghost month"! Again, was it such a co-incidence that all this was focussed around the Full Moon in the western month of August? In the process of planning my trip to Hong Kong, encouraged by Esther to hold a beach session at Lamma, followed by a ceremony, I immediately checked the date of the Full Moon and was not conscious at the time that it was to be yet another "super moon" for the year. What a "super time" and I thank all who walked with me through this amazing time frame of consciousness!

Working with the "spirit" world is not for everyone and offer the following teachings….
  1. - The dimensions in which the "spirits" are unable to move beyond or stuck in, is being "hooked" into by the very people trying to move them on to the "light"!
  2. - Those who "think" they can work with these "lost souls" from the "spirit worlds" because they are "light workers" or are part of the culture, religious connections or more, however, have not fully  birthed, anchored nor fully integrated the "LoveLight" of their I Am Body, necessary to "hold" both.
  3. - Opening "portals" or gateways is the ability to "unlock" the doors necessary for all to "travel"! A personal journey initially, however, part of the "group consciousness or collective", leading to the - - - Oneness of All That Is! The "Source" from where a soul initially birthed and can return!
I Am Because of All That Is! Yet some level of "separation" is experienced by all souls in both the "spirit" world as well as those physically walking the "earth" also "lost" and stuck! Hence my own "inner journey" continues, only then can I consider assisting another!

A journey with the Community Centre in Hong Kong and other environments on previous occasions with the people involved in the physical represent the "collective" of what was being held in this very "water conscious" island. The "fear and beliefs" of a deeply ingrained culture that the younger generation are moving away from into higher dimensions, mostly because many are working with and bringing through a "new consciousness".  Birthed and anchored in their I Am or CrystaLoveLight Body.  Across several countries where the young and old are finding new ways of working with "old school belief" systems that do not serve nor sit in the new consciousness.  Teachings of the 9th dimension, holding much more LoveLight in the physical expansion than any other lower energy

The teachings regarding the 9th dimension can be understood in holding much more LoveLight in the physical expansion than any other lower energy field.  A ‘hot air’ balloon compared to a hand held ‘party balloon’.  The concept of "Oneness" is not a term to be spoken about as other terms come and go.  Truly embracing all that is "separate" within myself personally and comprehending the enormity of the ‘collective’, often reflecting the ‘separation from the Oneness or myself’.  Opening the "etheric" doors is about opening the "physical' in both "LoveLight", assisted through Sacred, Sound, Writing and Drawing Codes.  The tools assisting the opening of the "Channel of LoveLight" through various levels and stages of consciousness. 

However, where do we begin?  Firstly, opening the blinds in our own ‘heart’, house and home or property.  All that can be seen, felt, heard and known is not possible for many souls because the heart (love) is separate to the spirit (light).  The memories or stories of the earth, water and starry realms hold so much in the deep subconscious.  However, beginning with the consciousness we move into what is not conscious, assisting doors to open but need to be unlocked.  The blinds open and the windows allow the ‘light’ as well as the air, the breath which is life.  Necessary for a mother in birth to assist a new born come to the earth.  The CrystaLoveLight Process, assisting all four Gifts of the I Am birth, and the “Channel” is born.  
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