In the Kitchen!

Thursday, 15th October, 2015
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Recently I witnessed a beautiful moment while visiting a mother of three and the inspiration for this article came upon reflecting on the wonderful memories coming from the kitchen.  In particular childhood stories and while cleaning my own kitchen, I began to recall, that just a few days before I also had two great nieces assisting me with breakfast.  However, returning to the initial story reminded me of my own life ‘on the land’ where the eggs were provided by several laying hens and the milk came straight from the cows to the kitchen. 
I was amazed and in awe at the sight of a young girl, just a few months on after turning two, standing on a chair next to her mother in the kitchen, both cutting vegetables.  No fear whatsoever came from the mother that this little one would cut her fingers as a large carrot was being chopped by an equally big knife.  Chatting away in “toddler talk”, she tried reaching for a much sharper and smaller knife, however mum was quick to step in, all indeed part of the learning.  What an amazing mother/daughter connection!  Not a surprise or out of the ordinary when on two previous occasions her eight year old brother cooked breakfast, assisted by the six year old, attending to the toaster, both  preparing a meal for two adults and three children while their mother was milking the cows! 
So just one week later when my great nieces, aged ten and eight wanted to assist me in the kitchen, I had no hesitation despite the lack of room for two people, let alone three.  The ten year old dropped an egg on the floor, all part of the learning process and not just cooking but cleaning as well.  Our time in the kitchen together began an hour or so before, needing to buy the hash browns and bacon, we walked to the shops, the round trip taking almost an hour.  Despite a very small area in which to work, we all participated in some way with the preparation and cooking, informed that it was “just like McDonald’s, but better”. 
If these opportunities are denied in ‘having a go’, especially when the enthusiasm is evident, the ‘hands on’ experience is unable to be channelled consciously,   thus becoming a mastery.  Hence the fond memories I have of being in and around the kitchen with my mother and grandmother, (my father’s mother), both very much at home in this arena.  I sense the country or rural lifestyle on the land played a significant part, for most of my childhood and especially to the age of twelve.  Firstly the stove was not electric or gas, but combustion, therefore it was my after school chore to cut the wood!  My two older brothers were away for years at boarding school, I was the next eldest, the first of three girls. 
At that particular stage in my life, living in a very small village on a couple of acres, next to a very large river, the experiences were a preliminary taste for the much bigger property to come in my early teenage years.  The family, with five of the six children, moved onto eighty acres with approximately forty head of cattle to milk.  Being a third generation dairy farmer, I was conscious of living and working on such a farm, possibly the reason I learnt from my grandmother how to make scones with cream instead of milk.     
Opportunities can possibly be lost because of fear, therefore an inability for many parents, guardians and teachers to let go of their own memories, conscious as well as deeply subconscious. Hence the learning has such an element and possible over protection that the experience can be more artificial, therefore is not all as it seems.  My mother did not hold such ‘fear’ for around ten years of age, I learnt to use an axe, ride a horse and swim in a river where learning to tread water was an essential part of surviving, even though she had not learnt to swim herself. A few years later the experiences broadened, learning to milk cows with machines, drive tractors and cut cane by hand to feed cows, just to mention some of the outside working activities.  There indeed were accidents, not life threatening but enough to take myself and siblings to hospital on the odd occasion, but only if mum or grandma could not ‘fix it’ first! 
Growing the produce was also part of planning and preparing what eventually landed on the dinner table.  As for attending the hens and turkey’s, feeding and ‘rounding them up’, necessary that they were locked up at night, but further having to prepare them for the pot.  Indeed a journey from the hen house to the kitchen table, a huge lesson in the “cycle of life”!  A home, property and family where the ‘process’ is clear regarding birth, death and the journey in between!   The cows and horses birthing their young!  The planting of vegetables as well as crops were part of the conscious ‘flow’ for all that was needed to sustain and nourish our bodies, therefore the soul. 
An understanding that comes through feeling, knowing, seeing and hearing all that is part of life, on the earth and in the water is also beyond the consciousness.  How this is possible depends very much on the openness of the heart, far beyond and yet very much a part of All That Is.  A place where there is no ‘fear’ on any level!  Needing protection from what is ‘feared’ in the unknown or that everything has to be energetically cleared or blessed!  If I can ‘hold’ All That I Am in LoveLight both, it just IS!  When there is no fear, the door of being able to totally trust opens further, without thinking about it, creating a ‘life flow’!  A weaving in and out between work and play, birthing as well as anchoring in the dimension of the soul’s unique CrystaLoveLight Body! 
The lesson I have come to embrace, awakened deep in my subconscious when living ‘on the land’, working a farm as a teen and when I returned in my early thirties, that ‘life was not separate’ in regard to home versus school! Working and playing! Family time or being alone!  Life and death! Now very much aware that so much of life for many is ‘fragmented’!  A box for this part of my life and a box for that!  How different is my own upbringing on the land, compared to adults and children just visiting a farm for the day, those for who the ‘separation story’ is conscious on many levels. 
Returning to my recent experience when asked to assist with the ‘energy’ on a farm, including a retreat and ‘channelling’ sacred ceremonies, I remember someone asking the young mother, “what happens when there is too much milk”?  Her reply was quick, “we make butter and cream”!  The role of women as the dominant force in the kitchen is shifting, however, the energy of a mother is very different to the role of a ‘chef’, whatever the gender.  Food that is grown locally, prepared, served and enjoyed together in LoveLight both, holds an energy that will be nourishing on all levels.  If the love, light or both are not part of the ‘process’, all the cleansing believed to be required or blessings invoked will not be automatic or magical!  The impact on the final outcome will be minimal! 
On another level, the day of the New Moon Sacred Fire Ceremony in September, 2015, I had spent two hours building the fire stack from the branches and twigs gathered over the days prior.  I was asked by one of the retreatants, “how did you learn to do this?” I replied without hesitation, “The Mother!  Gaia herself”!  I remember the day well back in February 2004 and while it seems like a lifetime ago, I recall the detail of the “teaching from the mother”!  Indeed I have been reminded on every such occasion since.  The Sacred Fire Ceremony and Earth Gifting Ceremony the next morning are conscious celebrations for the ‘Oneness’ of All That Is. The merging, followed by an alignment of LoveLight flowing through all plants, animals and people, is a ‘channel’.   
Thus taking the opportunity to celebrate life fully in all that it offers, at every stage and on many levels!  By seeing the Love when walking the earth and swimming through the water! Listening to the songbirds, a vibrational frequency that is the purest sound of ‘The Mother’!  Feeling the power of the sun, a symbol and source of the most powerful ‘Light’!  A knowing that there is a “bigger picture” of which I can embrace or be ‘separate’!  The potential of all four conscious awakenings is the birthing of the “Channel Gift".