Mother & Child

The stories shared in this website continue to reflect the “journey of the mother”.  The teaching of the CrystaLoveLight Process is primarily to “open” the Gift, a combination of Clairvoyance, or through Clair-audience, Clairsentience and the wisdom beyond the consciousness, All-knowing.  A “Channel of CrystaLoveLight and a combination of all four!  Necessary doors for both the physical and etheric in bringing this gift through fully and once embraced is a life-long commitment. 
Over the past decade, family have awakened a consciousness and am in deep gratitude for all that has come to pass in remembering the gifts of the “I Am”.  The transformation of being able to see, hear, know and feel the love, then fully birthing the Light through the dimensions of which I am now consciously anchoring on the earth.   Mid July, 2013 - travelled three hours south by car to connect with family in celebrating the life and death of my eldest nephew, the days filled with much emotion as he was forty two years of age.  Members of our very large extended family attended a full requiem Catholic mass and I was very conscious of holding the LoveLight for all, in particular for his mother, brother, sister and law and their son.   Warmly welcomed to be accommodated during my stay in Grafton with one sister and her husband on their twenty five acre property. 

The day following the funeral, began offering and facilitating individual soul travelling sessions.  Setting up a massage table in a spare room, also where my sisters three year old grandson stored his toys.  A special connection with this boy came from the circumstances surround his expected early birth.  His mother had travelled three hours north with her boss for work and had sat in meetings all day with several clothing distributors, exchanging and buying clothes.   My niece experienced pain in her lower back, enough information given to her boss (a mother of three children) to be encouraged to visit the hospital.  Her son had arrived at the end of the day, eight weeks early and following one night in hospital, came to live with me for two weeks while her baby boy was kept in a special isolated ward of the maternity hospital.  The parents had no restrictions regarding visiting rights but everyone else did!  Despite a few anxious moments over the course of the two weeks, my great nephew was flown back to Grafton, warmly welcomed by the nursing staff back in his home town where he would spend just one more week before finally going home.      
The day after my nephew’s funeral service, visitors arrived including mum, dad and this very delightful boy.  Being the middle of winter, it was a cold day and seemed colder due to the rain.  Staying indoors with lots of toys to play with, keeping him happy and busy.  Assisted by his grandmother, we spent hours playing and noticed, as I do with all children, just how comfortable this three year old was with me, compared to the previous Christmas, in January.  A six month period, yet had visited in March as well, just four months earlier.  During the morning, facilitated a three hour session and in the afternoon my niece also took up the offer.  Explaining to my sister just days prior to this session how I work with mothers and their little ones.  Therefore, there was no need to keep the boy out of the room if he wanted to come and go as necessary.  In reconnecting with The Mother and also being a ‘channel’ it was about ‘trusting the flow’ of all that unfolded, so he would not disturb me in any way!   After a solid hour of working with mum, both surprised how capable she was in lying face down on the table considering her second baby was expected in four months and also soul travelling deeply, fully going ‘out’ while in this position. 
The whole house was very quiet for these sessions to take place due to my sister and her sister in law taking the little fellow out for a walk.  The door to the room in which we were working was closed, however, after an hour or so, I heard the walkers return.  Asking mum to lay on her back, later sharing how she felt intense heat move through her body just before turning over.  Now ready and comfortable for the next stage or vibrational shift of the ‘soul travelling journey’, it was only one minute when a little knock was heard on the door.  Before I had time to open the door I heard the words, ‘it’s me, Lainey’, Taj’.  ‘Lainey’ is an affectionate family name that my nieces and nephews have come to refer to me, twenty years ago or more, when little and trying to pronounce names.  Now this family connection has been passed onto their children as well.    
After opening the door, I picked him up and asked if he had a good walk with Nanny?  Finding out after the session how he had been placed in his pram and had slept for part of his journey, travelling with his mother during the first hour.  Asked what his mother was doing, I said, ‘having a little rest, was that OK?’  Nodding in affirmation, Taj was put back down on the ground, suggesting he return to grandma and after leaving the room I closed the door.  My sister also shared later, upon returning to the house, Taj asked her where his mother was and was told “with me”.  Also saying to him, “if he wanted to see where his mother was just to knock on the door”.   The “separation” story between mothe
r and child is not only etheric but also physical, therefore is essential in ensuring the boy he could come anytime in connecting with his mother.  The consciousness of it all is one part, considering the deep subconscious sensitivity of the ‘energies at work’.     
Following the first encounter with Taj coming into the room with his mother, approximately ten to fifteen minutes later I heard him hopping down the hall and again, the door was closed.  Hearing his voice, this time much stronger than the first encounter, “Lainey” he said, “It’s Mr Kangaroo”.  While mum had her eyes closed, the power of the words and what he said made her look at me and we both smiled.  Opening the door, this time making the sounds of ‘Skippy’ (the bush kangaroo) and this time as he approached his mother, asked him to place his hand on his mother feet.  Also if he could “blow like the wind”?   His hands were very cold and so held her feet with him.  Mum was beginning to travel again as she was struggling to keep her eyes open while Taj was in the room, so without hesitation, asked him to hop all the way back down the hall to grandma and immediately he turned, hopping out of the room, closing the door behind him!  Discovering later the consciousness of the ‘kangaroo’ had come through his earlier walk and saw a dead kangaroo on the side of the road before going to sleep in his pram.  Kangaroos are victims of “road kill” and Taj would have gone to sleep with this in his consciousness, also the animal had been dead long enough for Taj to remember the smell. 
The session with the mother was finally coming to a conclusion after two hours, her ‘Soul Travelling’ journey was completing and the process of gradually bringing her fully into the physical space when Taj knocked on the door for the third time.  However, this time he was not alone, “Lainey, it’s Taj and Nanny”!  Taj came into the room with my sister, as there was not much space, she did not stay as my niece was now sitting on a chair.  Encouraging her son to give his mother a big hug and then both moved out of the room.  A necessary time for mum to ground her energy expansion of her CrystaLoveLight Body in a new dimension.  By walking around the house and connecting with the other adults, integrating or beginning to feel ‘normal’ again through eating.     
Throughout the fifteen to twenty minute time frame, continued to stay and play with Taj, in the vibration of the space. Creating a tunnel under the massage table with the large blanket which reached all the way to the floor on both sides which he could crawl through easily.  He had one toy bus and I the other.  The tunnel was a road or path that he too was travelling, both physically as well as in the etheric and shared with me that there were children on board, he was taking them to school!      
Working as a ‘channel’ enables one to ‘let go’ and be in the flow of the interaction of both mother and son where each could connect without the necessary words but through touch and breath!  As a ‘channel’ there is no text book process, nor a course that can produce the space which holds the vibrational frequencies within a particular dimension for mother and child to merge in the Oneness.  The flow comes from ‘a channel’ being fully open to a process that is not completely understood or comprehended at the time as one steps out of the way in how a session or process is perceived as it unfolds.   Moving from the conscious mind in feeling and knowing what to speak is totally “trusting” how the process is to unfold.  Where to stand, where to place one’s hands or to simply be guided when to sit and hold the space as one travels.  The flow in allowing both mother and child journey where needed.    
Any facilitator or therapist who stands at the etheric door, holding the “love and the light” both, enables each soul step through, travelling where needed, whatever the age or consciousness.  Children will reconnect very quickly with the parts of the CrystaLoveLight Body when this space is able to be held, and in a matter of five seconds Taj stood at his mother’s feet.  Holding his hands in mine, connecting and coming into each other’s vibration frequency as well as dimension being birthed through the I Am Body, All That Is.  Merging together through the heart and Taj’s spirit through his breath, blowing like ‘the wind’.  The Light he and I were able to ‘channel’ for his mother, connecting to the Crystal Heart of the Mother in the Earth.  There was also another soul present, his unborn baby brother!
Some weeks prior to this session, had the amazing experience of assisting three five year old boys and their mother’s, bringing them together for the first time.  On previous occasions had intensely worked with each boy and their mother individually.  Conscious of the support from all three mothers, with one other adult assisting at the time, the dimension of the mother was shifting and merging with their own child.  The ‘collective consciousness’ of all that they were connecting too throughout the day’s journey together is not to be underestimated in the enormity of the ‘soul travelling process’ and there are various vibrational frequencies shifting over the two days and nights.  Several activations were followed up with two intense individual sessions for two of the boys and while some children hold their own personal story or memory, children will be also connecting to the ‘collective or mass conscious’ stories.  Grandparents, parents, school teachers and held deep in the subconscious.  A very big jigsaw puzzle with so many pieces to make it complete.   
The ‘separation’ from the Oneness through all parts is reflected through all families and again, thanking my own family for all I have discovered, re-patterned within myself.  Understand and teaching with tools that make these shifts possible.  The bigger picture for three year old Taj is about his father, grandparents, extended family, challenged by health, relationship issues and their  own "separation story from the mother", impacting through the emotional body are indeed assisted by awesome souls such as these CrystaLoveLight Children.        
The Process is about ‘remembering the mother’ for it all begins and ends with her on many levels, throughout multi-dimensional layers! ‘Soul Travelling’ the pathways of light in several vibrational frequencies. A process, enabling one to fully connect with, as well as through the ‘Mother’ in the ‘water, earth and starry’ realms of consciousness.  The journey begins with the “intention”, followed by activations, necessary in feeling, seeing, hearing and knowing what conscious parts of the CrystaLoveLight body are unable to “be the love, light, or both”.  Therefore these parts are lost, disconnected, depressed, angry and more, hence the “separation story”.  The travelling “out” is about reconnecting and embracing these parts, only then can the journey ‘home’ be complete.  The consciousness of the ‘water, earth and starry’ worlds assists a soul ‘birth’ the “love” in the heart and the “light” of the spirit returns.  The “soul” then finds it way ‘home’ through the doors of the physical body, the most conscious and necessary part of the journey.  The time needed for this ‘process’ is divine and unique for each soul! 

The sessions with mother and child together are both profound and unique, but only possible when someone like my sister, the grandmother or other significant adult is available to keep watch over the young soul as well.  The mother must be assured that her baby/child is safe in order for her to "let go" and "travel".  In groups with two or more children, of various ages, it is essential for the flow for all, therefore other mothers and significant adults have come to understand the profound “trust” required in this ‘process’.  

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