One Voice - One Sound!

Introduction:  The power of music is beyond the consciousness for it assists the by-passing of the mind or mental body and connects the light into and through the heart.  Primarily based on a career as a teacher and at times performance, music has shaped a life path never imagined. 
Throughout my previous career I lived and breathed music, encouraged by my mother who also played the piano and other family members, including a very gifted aunty.  A significant influence also came from school teachers, in particular the Catholic Sisters of Mercy, developing skills and knowledge as a church organist as well as the piano from an early age. Playing for church services, the mass, continued until I was almost fifty with further studies throughout university plus the valuable teaching experience led to a life career in the profession. 
While teaching music as an individual tutor, groups, primary and secondary students, other instruments came into my life such as the tenor horn.  A small country town brass band required one and just happen to be teaching in the local schools for twelve months.  The cello I enjoyed and joined a small orchestra, also successfully completing three AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board) which had been the story of my life with the piano.  Other instruments played included the guitar, trumpet, drums and flute. After four years at university, I moved from the role of private teacher, infants and primary music educator into the secondary high school system. All benefiting the path that would open after several years of developing music programs and provided the background for the path ahead. 
A teaching career, beginning in the early seventies and lasting until 2001, now reflecting just how much 'music' was my life.  The first mentor, healer or therapist was a 'channel' who brought through her own modality, based on a set of numbers and had the manuals to explain the numbers, also asked my assistance for holding a singing gathering, so produced a booklet of songs that were familiar to most people.  Her primary power gift being clairaudience, therefore was the teacher/mentor who ‘channelled’ my name “Gossamer”, saying “this is the name they want you to be known by”, however it would be another eighteen months before I could embrace the energy behind the meaning and only then could make it legal.  All about the ‘Light’ on and in the web, (The Creation Web of CrystaLoveLight)   
The final three years while teaching full-time, I also was assisted by an amazing singing teacher, studying ‘voice/singing’ and also happened to be a speech therapist.  Initially seeking her assistance to restore my voice after years of teaching and had one operation with a cyst on my vocal cords, blocking the sound from coming out, so thought I was going to lose my voice.  During the three years I was a member of a small specialised singing group of women and larger choirs, performing in concerts, also individual singing competitions.  The final year of my voice studies were committed to preparing and successfully achieved a high level singing exam, definitely not in my vision any time throughout my career. 
Moving from one career to another was a transition period of two years and following the first mentor came the second, then the third and at forty eight years of age, music, sacred sound would take on a very different relationship to what I had known throughout my life with the Catholic Church.  The term 'harmony' began to hold a new perspective and understanding a true sense of ‘Oneness’ as a healer and therapist.   The Catholic Church had it ways of dealing with a ‘lost soul’ and the feelings associated with such a deep sense of anger, but a new consciousness was awakening.  Knowing there was more and the choice in changing the patterns in relationships, as well as career path were being offered.  However, a small part was conscious but for the most, held deep in the subconscious.  Understanding what was held in the emotional and the spiritual bodies, the core beliefs held within my soul began to be re-patterned.
However, the much needed inner work was not comprehensible at the time.  While I believed the healing path could set the stage for ‘saving the world’ after completing a Pranic Healing Course in 2002, what was to come when the opening of the ‘gift of the channel’ in 2003 brought through a 'soul travelling' journey like no other with the activation of 'the separation story'. In the past I had lived a life that was to some degree, successful in working with a gift in music and secure financially, but what was below the surface was a very different story.  Activated by the death of my mother, only sixty one years old and a phrase I now express frequently, ‘it all comes back to the mother’!  Hence, ‘the sounds of the mother’ are well documented for the growth and development of the new born.
Those who understand etheric energies and work with 'sacred sound' are conscious of a particular instruments vibrational frequency.  A clairvoyant will see this frequency as a particular coloured 'light'.  The gift of knowing will sense the vibration and the clairsentient feels the vibration as strong or holds a small or large resonance.  Once the instrument is played, the hearing or clairaudience gift will be a huge activation for hearing the love, the light or both.  All four gifts will be understood by a ‘channel’ in how a particular consciousness is seen, heard, known and felt
The voice, however, holds the vibration and while other percussive instruments may assist, the dimension birthed through the I Am Body is from a power that is equal to the sounds of a mother singing to her baby.  A gift in ‘channelling sound codes', spoken or in a singing style, is ‘Light’ language and depending on the 'inner work' which a soul has embraced, determines which dimension has actually birthed through the physical body.  The throat being a very significant door in connecting the head to the heart and in a non-physical term, the light to the love.  The throat holds memories reflecting a crippling disempowerment and the ability to facilitate sound codes is profound.  However, sound at the hands of a facilitator or through their own voice, not conscious of the activations triggered and what to do with a soul who is at risk of over activation or a sense of being overwhelmed adds to further disempowered stories already unleased. 
Similar to an orchestral player, sitting throughout a long performance, waiting patiently to play, so too I have found with sound therapy, how divine time is a key for knowing and feeling when to sing.  What to sing is the ‘Gift of the Channel!  Over cooked is an activation or the jug is filled yet again before the previous contents have had time to be digested and a clairsentient gifted person will feel the shift of each vibrational frequency through their physical body.  The knowing follows but the process involves waiting for the sound to come through without the mind or mental body determining what sounds and at times asking, “is a particular individual ready to hear what is being offered by the facilitator”.  Therefore is similar to turning on a tap, not knowing from where the water source is stored or coming from and is indeed, the Gift of a Channel.  Through all four gifts, much will be revealed in “Divine Time” and is automatic for a ‘channel’! 
Individual and unique instruments within an orchestral family, come together to produce one sound, requiring years of experience, knowledge and skill. The conductor or facilitator assists the players produce the best performance, the leader brings their experience, skills and knowledge through intense inner personal healing work so in the end, all can work together as a team.  The sense of Oneness coming from the beautiful and inspiring sounds of an orchestra.  Similar to the parts of the “I Am or CrystaLoveLight Body” when in alignment, able to birth and anchor through the Heart Crystal of the Mother.  While one or two gifts initiate the consciousness, understanding the power gift will hold immense possibilities but also reflect the greatest dis-empowerment.  The sound codes, ’channelled’ will unlock the non-physical bodies and the subconscious separation stories or memories of the soul.   
Fear and ‘old school’ beliefs keep various parts of the crystal body separate, lost, broken or even crushed and can be described as 'aspects'.  Other cultures and traditions may label them as “entities, demons” or are associated with the term ‘evil’.  Hence, these parts become even more separate, yet in the big picture are unable to ‘be’ One through All That I Am and All That Is.  Therefore are unable to 'return to the heart’ in seeing, knowing, feeling and hearing the Love.   Returning to where the soul birthed as, in and through the Light.  A ‘Channel’ who can both speak and sing sound codes in the 9th dimension hold multi-dimensional keys for assisting a soul journey or travel beyond the consciousness.  Considering the three areas of life: relationships, health and career path.  All with their own stories and memories far ‘Beyond the Beyond’.  
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