The CrystaLoveLight Children

Introduction:  The honour of being a teacher has brought me in contact with children of all ages and nationalities.  The conclusion I have reached is ‘who is really the teacher’ for the children being born are coming to the planet with a consciousness that has taken me years to reach and understand. 

Various terms have described the Children of Light including "indigo, rainbow and crystal" children. These terms have attempted to assist adults, in particular, parents, understand more the new consciousness of souls arriving on this planet. Some indigo children are said to be as old as thirty or thirty five years, however, in the initial shaping of this article several years ago, now have a sense, through a great deal of experience in the field, believe many to be in their early forties. Those of you in this age bracket simply need to ask and the knowing will resonate, being considered the "scouts" for the children birthing at the time.

Embracing the roles as teacher/parent, it is crucial that support for the children and all adults be assisted on every level.  The honour comes with enormous responsibility and as facilitator of The CrystaLoveLight Process, a consciousness that extends far beyond any practiced modality.  The reason for this new awareness for teachers, parents, guardians and ‘new age’ healers is the dimension the I Am Body births through in this incarnated lifetime. 

The gifts a child may display in their formative years, including telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience and "knowing", or wisdom, often these children are beyond their years.  Hopefully acknowledged equally and nurtured in any child as any other gift would be encouraged.  The benefits allow a child to be fully present in their physical body on the earth, while reaching another level of fulfilment through these psychic gifts, often seen as exceptional and special.

Children are choosing parents and families who will assist them on their path as they discover and learn "how" to be "All That I Am". Significant adults are at times, overwhelmed and at a loss to understand just where most of these children are coming from, referring to them as "being from or on another planet" or “on another planet”.  Indeed a reality and far from the idea that it is all just "science fiction", yet is an expression, as well as an 'energy', all throughout their teenage and young adult years. The children, through their gifts are so evolved, yet the challenge for them is to be fully present, hence, the question of behaviour and labelled as "naughty" and more.

Adults and children are taken out of alignment or the I Am Body very easily and the younger the child, totally connected to significant adults in their daily life. The behaviour of children throughout the sessions, over a day or two, is activating and triggering the parts separated within their crystal body. However, in other situations or circumstances are labelled with ADHD. Those with autism develop their own unique way of escaping, while a supersensitive child, may be simply fearful and therefore a lost soul.  All children are sensitive in nature, some more than others and the nervous system is often re-patterned through the process.  Obvious to most adults is the right children have to feel safe on the earth, both physically and in connecting to the etheric or subconscious energies of adults.  Surprising for a parent or grandparent to watch for the first time and participate in activities such as 'soul travelling'.  A child through two or three vibrational shifts will finally sleep, a soul journey like no other and re-connect to their gifts of seeing, hearing, knowing and feeling the power of the CrystaLoveLight Process.  However, not without lots of work with sound through various instruments and the journey begins far beyond the consciousness.   

Children have been assisted from birth, even while still in the mother’s womb and continue to grow on all levels through various stages.  The soul has travelled in previous sessions through several vibrational frequencies and etheric bodies such as the dolphin, mermaid, eagle or unicorn bodies and the I Am Body will birth, possibly in a new dimension. Soft toys assist the awakening of the consciousness to these higher crystal bodies.  Several adults and their children are being assisted in the 9th dimension, however, the ability to hold the LoveLight is both profound as well as challenging.

While various children have not experienced an earth incarnation before in this lifetime, they do come from earth realms beyond the consciousness of most adults. Some readers may know these as Atlantis, Lemuria, Andromeda and more. However, some children hold an etheric energy of an 'earth mother' or 'shaman' with a confidence reflected in the gifts of knowing and feeling. The consciousness of this will begin to open around nine or ten years of age. Still, the power of Light and Love, all that is "divine" is a Source or God energy, the vibrational frequency and dimension are able to be held for these children within their own home environment, they comfortably express through crystals, code drawing and sounding "light language". The subconscious is awakened naturally as with other gifts in sport or the arts, as many parts of their own crystal body, lost or separated, return as the heart opens and merges with the spirit.

Drawing codes, with the help of a wide range of colourful stickers for children, are placed within a circle, representing the door and the journey, the "soul travelling" experience begins through various inner worlds. The purpose is to remember the gift, shut behind an etheric door or within a particular body, for example, the feminine. However, to unlock THE DOOR, a journey is embraced in each session as various vibrational frequencies or "light pathways" are embraced, activating several etheric bodies and become the conscious "door keepers" along the way.

A wonderful session introduced over the past months, which came to me as "channelled" guidance, "make candles with the kids"! A subconscious connection to the "light" for any child or adult unable to 'see, hear, know or feel the power of the light', yet an experience of fun and excitement in the consciousness. An added engagement in the "process" as the child chooses the colour and the fragrance of their candle which will be taken back to their own home. However, all that is necessary is being activated in the subconscious and the journey continues.  Once the candles have been poured, left to cool and set, the child, along with all the adults participating, spend time in the pool, or in a park on the swings, preparing for the final session when all will 'soul travel' beyond the consciousness.  Fully knowing, feeling, hearing and seeing the light is to "BE the Light"! Within a few minutes as the child is comfortable on a mattress, with one significant soft toy to also assist the soul travelling journey, the final door is opened through sounds and within a couple of minutes, the souls are "travelling", moving through The Creation Web of CrystaLoveLight. The "Sounds of the Mother" are a key connection beyond the consciousness through the "water, starry or earth" realms!

Necessary indeed in enabling the feminine or any other etheric body, travel and move beyond the consciousness of what can be a very controlling mental body! Equally, for other travellers, the despair can be held and blocked in the emotional body, or the disempowered feminine, with an inability to respect all that is creative and dis-honouring of the mother, reflecting the 'separation' story. The masculine body, within traditional cultures is the protector and provider, now has become the main perpetrator in a power struggle, in particular towards women and children, the lost "spirit" also reflected and held in the spiritual body. On another level, possible within a different dimension, a soul may believe that various "religious" practices, automatically connects one's "spirit", when the reality of a "lost soul" is the separation of heart (love) from the spirit (light). Therefore, understanding the term "power" is to fully see, hear, know and feel the LoveLight both. If one or more of these "doors" or gifts are locked and blocked, the impact affects all.

Abuse of power comes when the LoveLight both are absent! While it may be expressed that we do not live in a perfect world where the vibration and dimension of the I Am Body is unable to be held at all times for children as well as adults. The key learning is to "know, feel, see, and hear" and therefore, the "channel" returns through the heart. Opening to 'love' through each of the four gifts, as a flower does in the sunshine, allowing the 'light', the spirit merge, braid and align to the 'Source' connection. Returning all parts of the crystal body, broken, crushed or shattered are awakened in the subconscious realms of the 'mother', through the Crystal Heart of our Earth Mother, Gaia.

Through the I Am Body, therefore, All That I Am, including the physical, the most conscious of all bodies, is fully birthed and anchored. The memories or stories not enabling the LoveLight to be "felt, known, seen and heard" as one, possible the mental body "thinks" all that is necessary can be held for myself, when another door is in fact shut. The emotional body is unable to "let go" of all the grief or the spiritual body is locked in "old school" belief systems and fears. The re-patterning "process" for the Spirit, is the "weaving of Light", reconnecting, therefore, embracing all parts of the unique crystal body that have been separated, possibly reflected through self-blame, guilt, negativity of oneself and others, therefore not being able to "forgive".  A child will be connecting to all!

The CrystaLoveLight Process assists the expansion of LoveLight both, initially and intensely 'felt' personally in the physical body. However, this gift has to be understood, as with all gifts, including the Gift of The Channel, how the memories or stories are also held in the "collective consciousness", therefore, reflecting pain, illness, anxiety and basically the lack of flow. Parents, teachers, peers, extended families and wider communities, all hold what is 'collective' in a small child's life. An overwhelming thought indeed! Unless someone can consciously work with the patterns of anger, despair, hopelessness and more, the subconscious fears, beliefs and superstitions already held in parts of the crystal body simply continue to multiply. Across all inner 'earth, water and starry' realms, through various vibrational frequencies and multi-dimensional etheric bodies, all hold the memory behind "the separation story". However, it is possible to embrace these parts, bring them home and "be" in the Oneness of All That Is.

A possible indication or awareness of the many layers surrounding any reference to "etheric energy"! Often unknown, usually unseen, however, mostly felt, which have the ability to lock several doors for an entire lifetime. Therefore, the assistance offered to parents, extended family members and teachers is about understanding more fully their own CrystaLoveLight Body. Adults awakening to a new consciousness are aware of their own "psychic gifts", knowing, seeing, hearing and feeling, even working professionally as a clairvoyant, readers and channels through any modality pursued. Once these doors have been activated and begin to open during early or later adult years, possibly taking many more to grasp the learning possible through all the memories held in these four gifts. The potential for finally opening the gift as a "channel", is extremely possible, after all, the majority of the children are already there!

The purpose in assisting these children, teenagers and adults, is not so much opening these doors for alternative modalities to be learnt, while these courses may hold necessary learning about "energy", a sense of self-empowerment comes with choices. The ability to choose whatever career path, in any profession! Relationships that reflect the same or a similar vibrational frequency, held within the dimension of the I Am Body. In finding a "soul mate" who may become a partner, wife or husband, a soul will know, feel, hear and see the LoveLight as these gifts birth the potential to be All That I Am! A "light" frequency, assisting the physical body with healthy decisions that resonate with the 'love' as all the gifts play a significant role in the care and nurturing of The CrystaLoveLight Body.

Therefore, the patterns regarding beliefs and fears held by the grandparents, as well as significant adults in the lives of these children are 'felt', although not yet fully awakened in their consciousness. Hence, a primary purpose in awakening the adults is because The CrystaLoveLight Children are already born with this new consciousness. Birthing physically and etheric in dimensions already destined for in this incarnated lifetime. However, this may not be the soul's journey for the significant adults in the child's life! Hence the teaching role in some areas is reversed. What is essential for the flow of LoveLight between mother and child, mother to father, finally child to father. Immediately, the stories of "separation" spring to mind!

Whatever the age of any soul, all are indeed CrystaLoveLight Children! Searching to know, see, hear and feel the "love" more fully by the conscious work on my own CrystaLoveLight Body. However, to "be" the love, is not separate to "being the light" when birthed and anchored in the I Am! The CrystaLoveLight Process is "channelled" guidance and combines various conscious activities using Sound, or Sand Play Therapy, Art and Water Therapy, providing a variety of sessions. The activations necessary, for children and adults, begins an awakening of all parts broken, lost and more. The doors open and the "soul" travels, in both the etheric pathways of light and the physical. Walking, swimming or in what may seem a 'sleeping' state, the activations begin long before a child or adult come to the CrystaLoveLight Centre. Children often take half the time, or even less than adults to 'let go' and 'travel' where needed.

The gift of "channelling" assists the doors to open in speaking what the heart or spirit of each unique soul requires. Mostly, through "light language", there are times when the separated parts are spoken too more consciously for a soul to awaken. Trusting the 'process', initially, is a place many mothers in particular have experienced profoundly. "Letting go" only comes with a realisation that they, along with the father, often hold all that the child expresses in their behaviour. Therefore, the earlier sessions on or the day before, are purely activating, through various activities. Without the necessity of speaking so much, especially when the souls gift for an individual or a group regards "hearing" the "light, love" or both! While an individual or a group have not yet moved through the particular vibration where the memory of not being able to "hear" the "love", the "light" or both is held, they will be unable to "hear" anything necessary until the place and parts holding the memory are reached.
All that may occur is further activations and the trusting of one's gift as a ‘channel’ can be truly tested when a mother and child are taken to unknown territory.

Assisting children regarding the layers of vibrational frequencies is about working with 'colour'.  Dress-up clothes for the younger children, soft toys and colourful stickers or colouring-in, are indeed activating in the subconscious.  The ‘channelled" sounds of the voice, instruments or both will engage a child and has an element of ‘fun’ without understanding in the consciousness the profound ‘soul travelling’ experience. Various shades of green, red, blue, purple, pink and orange, one will emerge as the vibrational frequency of the I Am Body, the unique "soul signature".  The ‘I Am or CrystaLoveLight Body’, holds soul memories of the heart and spirit, for in the end, they are not separate. The "trust" necessary for any parent to embrace this 'process' is a gift, reflecting their commitment to the 'bigger picture' that will assist not only their own children, but all who are touched and possibly activated in the years to follow. Holding the LoveLight vibration, within the potential of the I Am Body for myself firstly, flows or 'ripples' out for any soul, lost, alone or in despair and who are unable to unlock these doors themselves, let alone begin to walk forward. 

The Great Mother, the Star Weaver of the Web, maps or creates the pathways necessary, expanding the LoveLight of All That I Am through All That Is! These children may or may not follow in their parent's footsteps as doctors, politicians, teacher's and more, however, the consciousness unfolding will play a significant part as they too one day become parents for the next generation of CrystaLoveLight souls! Primarily, offering the opportunity of changing patterns held as karma, genetic and the collective for all souls, beginning with the significant adults in a young child's life.

The internet, social media and instant world news stories, all contribute to the "collective" consciousness, more than any generation prior had experienced.  However, is mostly subconscious and whatever the physical distance, there are no boarders or boundaries for the etheric 'energies'! By discovering, therefore awakening the ability to birth the spirit, fully with and through the heart, there is a profound connection, an expansion of LoveLight.  Children and adults, through the "channelled" language of "Light", are empowered by embracing a soul connection that just “is” and all can simply, yet profoundly "BE" CrystaLoveLight Children.

The focus on a career path is defined by All That I Am and what “I DO” will be fulfilling and change all who are connecting to “The CrystaLoveLight Children”.  The ‘healers’/‘Channel’s’ of tomorrow. 
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