The Cycle of Life

Introduction:  The door in Cairns, in far north Queensland opened significantly regarding writing and wrote several ‘channelled’ articles for the Connect Magazine.  The following teaching article, entitled “Education” were published in the February edition, 2014.

A young child, embracing their first day at school is yet another significant stage of life. While preschool, prep, kindergarten and even child care may possibly be a preparation for the big day, no one can envisage what will unfold in the years to follow.  Parents live in hope a child will develop their gifts and reach the fullest potential possible. The teachers and friends become part of the jigsaw puzzle, preparing students, piece by piece and stage by stage for the 'bigger picture'.  The skills and knowledge, combined with years of experience are beyond comprehension how life will unfold in the final stage of life.  The gift of music led to a career in teaching for almost thirty years and while working in the catholic system, I also taught religion studies. Memories of my own teachers, also in a catholic environment, are significant and memorable times personally. Particularly during the initial seven years of primary school where our community and school were part of the local orphanage which had approximately sixty children in residence. My siblings as well as other children from the village and surrounding farms attended the school, the influence of these years had a profound effect on my future 'life' choices!

Harry Chapin wrote a song in the late seventies which I often sang, called “All My Life’s A Circle”, and accompanied myself on the guitar.  Some years later, the musical production, “The Lion King” became a huge success as a movie and stage show, “The Circle of Life” reflecting the journey of life through song.  The opening words, “from the day we arrived on the planet and blinking stepped into the sun there’s more to see than can ever be seen”, one of the four gifts, ‘seeing the Light’ in this incarnated lifetime.  Being a ‘channel’ for The CrystaLoveLight Process!  The story of the young lion, with the potential of power to be developed, became a story of ‘separation’ and the despair in his ability to also ‘know, hear and feel’ the LoveLight.  A path of finding himself, with some unlikely friends, in the end filled Simba with hope, also the entire jungle, a transition from being a ‘prince’ to ‘king’. 

The learning development of a child, outlined by education systems, spans across three significant stages as each year potentially assists a student awaken their gifts.  However, the circumstances surrounding children are determined by parents’, genetic DNA, social and cultural expectations.  Choices at times which seem to be outside the consciousness of a child, made by the significant adults in the early years of a child and teenager.  The school environment including the principal, teachers and support assistants contribute profoundly through their expertise in guiding, therefore inspiring students to be empowered.  A ‘big picture’ when considering a term ‘education’. 

The path of teaching, after almost two decades changed dramatically around forty seven years of age, ‘knowing there was more’ and the conscious awakening partly due to a six month ‘soul travelling’ experience through several countries.  The following year I returned to the classroom ‘feeling lost’ and was given the business card of my first teacher/mentor, “a new age healer”.  After twelve months of intense healing moved from being a client to therapist, also developing my gifts as a “spiritual mentor” and the concept of ‘teaching’ completely flipped.  The doors opened and understanding more consciously how memories where held in the ‘spiritual body’, the “separation story” of the heart (love), therefore the disconnection from the spirit (light).  The ‘process’ was like beginning another university degree as the various stages were replaced by moving through several dimensions as the I Am Body opened more fully, a ‘birthing process’ for seeing, knowing, hearing and feeling the Love.  Each stage of the ‘process’ required the soul to travel, birth and anchor through the most conscious door of all, the physical body. 

The journey or ‘process’ begins in the consciousness, yet one is take way beyond.  Gifted and talented children are accelerated in schools, yet the term “genius” who is believed to be born with an extra ordinary potential in some area of science, arts, physics and more.  However, their abilities may lay dormant unless discovered by someone who is able to open the necessary doors.  The initial writing of this article, in 2014, two nieces had the opportunity of competing in the Olympics, the older sister in the forthcoming winter games in Russia.  The conscious path of these girls began with their mother who also had competed at these level, but physical injury ended her career.  What possible memories could these girls have been holding in their subconsciousness through their mother? 

The ability to go beyond the physical and recognise the impact on this most conscious doorway is somewhere some souls are unable to go or accept.  Regarding health, one of the three areas to consider and in particular injuries, may be related to memories held deep in the subconscious.  Hence, beyond the consciousness these same memories are held in the emotional, feminine, masculine mental and spiritual bodies, therefore impact on the physical body.  The many layers for a child to reach their fully potential is similar to being in the right place with the family, school and more, providing them with the opportunity to remember their gifts.  All in divine time and destiny for a child, also predetermined by their choices as they move through stages of awakened consciousness.  Similar to the CrystaLoveLight Process, the pursuit of dreams may take years and even more so, a lifetime to fulfil.

The conscious awakening, able to be embraced, provides a soul with lessons to be learnt and assists the moving forward through the doors that are opened.  Core soul memories or stories of separation concerning the heart and spirit, not able to be re-patterned with continue with the same cycle throughout life.  Health matters through particular addictions have a ‘need’ and impact on relationships, also career choices or opportunities.  A ‘neediness’ for being accepted, honoured, able to trust ‘love’ and ‘light’, feeling supported, safe, respected and honoured.  Instead of being part of a world, community or intimate family, the sense of ‘being alone’ may lead to feeling lost.  Souls who are confronted with a serious illness, manifested in the physical, may find it necessary to reach outside themselves in finding a cure for a heart, broken, crushed and the separation of the heart from the spirit.  The love not in ‘oneness’ with the light!  While the consciousness can be dealt with, even with the best that money can buy, the far reaching consequences are held deep within the subconscious, often shaped through circumstances in those formative years and beyond.  The term for a particular stage, ‘big school’, is also the ‘bigger picture’.  Adults finding themselves moving forward in the physical, to a new place of residence or home, also are embracing ‘new beginnings’ and has new possibilities as well as new responsibilities.  A small child’s level of consciousness can only take one hour at a time, their awakening comes at approximately age eight when the ability to understand beyond a day expands.  The school week for some is a very long time! 

The Gift of Channelling, opens the eyes, ears, knowing and feeling to what may have been missed previously, beyond the consciousness.  Months roll into years as a soul expands in wisdom, knowledge and all for the learning!  By walking through the ‘rainbow’ of various vibrational shifts, the pathways of ‘Light’ and then sitting in the stillness, listening to the ‘heart of the mother’.  In time we will sing the Sounds of The Great Mother, rising within.  By filling the jug with pure milk, then giving it time to sit, the cream eventual rises to the top!  The Gift of the Channel is about the “Light”, eventually the greatest potential of LoveLight will be seen, felt, know and heard.
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