The Gift of "Channelling"

Introduction:  The stories presented in the articles reflect the amazing Gift of the Channel!  How to teach this gift as if just another modality in the alternative ‘healing’ practices.  One a ‘reader’ shared how I would be working with women, then added children and finally saying, “you will be working with everyone”.   Fully embracing this gift is a life-long commitment! 

Motherhood and Children 

Since 2007, working consciously with children took on a new consciousness from my previous role as a teacher.  All stages from pre-birth and onwards, wile mostly with the mother 'on board', there have been occasions with both parents 'soul travelling' together.  The first experience and learning was evident when the father brought his seven year old daughter for an overnight 'live-in' retreat, the parents had separated.  Eventually the grandmother also connected on several occasions and she was a great support for her granddaughter.   The sense of responsibility with souls, whatever thier age is one of total trust for all participating when the activations or triggers begin such a journey.  The intensity is felt as a significant etheric door opens, in partiuclar the emotional body and therefore the 'feeling' gift or clairsentience.  While it is relatively easy for most people to feel the love around babies and children, the CrystaLoveLight Process activates the deep subconscious parts of the crystal body.  Unable to feel the love, therefore,  the full potential of feeling the power of the light, is missing.  Hence, the initial conscious understanding of the 'separation story'.  Participants can relate to some degree with the experience of divorce or living separately from their partner and the impact for the children is deep in the subconscioius.  The layers activated are beyond the circumstances of what may be very obvious in the conscious daily living arrangements.

A high percentage of parents have a great desire and work very hard in giving their children the best, on many levels that will assist them as they find their way on the planet. However, the choices of adults influence the nurturing, guidance and protection children, often beyond the physical.  The responsibility in assisting a child become independent, grow and develop their greatest potential, starting with the DNA.  The layers continue, the influence of culture and more can be clouded by experiences or memories which do not allow one to move forward, whatever the age!

Through The CrystaLoveLight Process, a consciousness that everyone is my "son or daughter". The lifelong dedication, like any parent, mother and father, through this "process" is beyond the conscious physical birthing. A tremendous privilege and honour indeed, holding the love as well as the light through the very broad term, "motherhood". However, sharing the challenges as many parents experience and for those who choose this path, it is a lifetime journey together.  Some moving through several vibrational frequencies and dimensions within the womb, others from any age in between.  Age is no barrier when discovering and working through all that is held regarding the memories of the "inner child". Almost a decade ago now, while on a ten day retreat, the term or role as a "spiritual midwife" came into my consciousness. The point being, that I was gifted with assisting souls on their life's journey.

School teachers working with children in an infants or primary department often are reminded of their role as ‘mother’, even though working as a formal teacher.  The gift is innate and the intuitiveness, held within a mother for her baby is often disregarded, dishonoured, therefore, not acknowledged and may become a disempowering experience.  Part of the potential and instinctive 'knowing or feeling', a natural energy for a mother is the "Gift of the Channel”.  All Gifts of I Am are a challenge in connecting with fully because of the numerous distractions, often imposing from all directions and in particular with small children. The time frame with regard to the care of young children, work schedules, social engagements, including social networks and the overuse of the internet, all add up to possibly 'missing' the signs along the way of what I need to 'know, see and hear', NOW. The memory of distrust, even if we do know, feel, see and hear, leads to not believing, so the doubts prevail.  The balance of flow between the heart and the head, assists the first conscious gift of feeling the love.  Both for adults and children.

There are several women who I have assisted throughout the past decade that have not physically birthed in this lifetime, nor have they adopted or fostered children, yet hold the gift of "motherhood"! However, the challenge for any woman, whatever the circumstances around children, myself included, may hold a memory of "not being able to birth"! The memory goes far beyond the physical reality indeed! Within my own family and not having children in the physical birthing process, felt that I lacked the experience, therefore could not offer advice or guidance in such matters.  There was a sense in my young adult years that I was missing something very significant in relationship with my own mother.  A link from mother to daughter, through the grandchildren, as both sisters shared the experience and often dominated all conversation with our mother as they birthed their own children.

However, all changed after one decade and now the consciousness of my "inner channelled" work has shifted greatly among family members. Those who have become mothers and sessions with women, who have birthed children in this lifetime, still hold deep within their subconscious heart, or spirit, that they "cannot be a mother".  An unbelievable and surprising memory for some mothers, especially as the opposite is observed and perceived to be the case in the physical consciousness. Where does this sit in the physical body and how has it manifested through her children, circumstances and other significant adults?

The "separation story" or memory also held by most mothers is the fear and belief that they will "loose their child or children". If any part of this memory is held within the subconscious, it will be activated every time the media reports a missing child. Those who I am currently assisting and have walked the path of the court system when a mother is seeking custody of a child or children and to what percentage will be decided.  There is a perception that more compassion and understanding may be offered to a soul, in this case a mother, simply because the experience has been real for the counsellor or healer.  Life experiences are the stories of a soul, held in the consciousness!

Through The CrystaLoveLight Process, a gift of the ‘channel’ is the ability to sit with another, listening as they share their story, whether I may or may not be able to relate fully through personal experience. A ‘Channel’ is connected to all that is heard, ‘feeling’ the energy without being ‘hooked’ or dragged into the emotional drama often associated with stories of separation.  The re-patterning necessary through all bodies, etheric and physical, enables one to not only hold the 'love and the light' for another, but assist a soul, broken, shattered or crushed through the heart.  Therefore the spirit or light ‘goes out’!   Assisting a soul move through the multi-layered and multi-dimensional aspects of the 'separation' story'.

The re-patterning "process" takes place "within", through intense dedicated "inner channelled" work, for all etheric or non-physical bodies.  Soul Travelling through multi-dimensional pathways of light and reconnecting with the parts of the crystal body holding fears and old school belief systems.  The spiritual body and higher or further ‘out there’ there parts, keys for returning All That I Am to a place of ‘Oneness’ within myself.  A tired therapist/healer, feeling heavy and a sense of being drained when the 'hearing' gift is constantly bombarded by a 'cracked' record, stuck in a particular frequency is unable to move forward for themselves or who they are assisting in opening the necessary doors. 

True stories occur on a daily basis and the emotional body is locked in fear, also disbelief when the ‘inner child’ has experienced trauma.  An overwhelming feeling of death for parents who are shattered, broken and crushed have the extreme physical experience regarding anyone of their children, whatever their age and circumstances. However, there is an etheric element that the child and parent are unable to relate while living physically together in the same house. The sense of both physical and etheric must be considered through all that is manifesting and ask, "where it that coming from"?  The relationship with the child, their health and ability to find door, the path then walk or go where needed in restoring the gifts which hold the potential of LoveLight. 

Throughout the years, assisting men understand their own separation story from the mother is very real.  Hence, the separation story from the feminine, often hidden due to the male gender body in which they were born.  The term "earth mother" is equal to and means one and the same as "shaman".  However, "earth mother" is beyond the conscious connection to the earth but is of the 'water and starry' realms. The great cosmos, eternity or the Great Creation Web of LoveLight is summed up by the term, “All THAT IS”! The ability or gift to 'travel' through all that pertains to "the mother", eventually leads to the 'Oneness', The Source or God connection in which I Am All That I Am. The physical birth of a new baby is the next stage of a journey to BE "All that I Am" on this earth, yet many souls birthing find they can now come to the planet due to the higher dimensions in which they can feel at ‘home’.  Yet still a challenge for children and therefore are given meditation or placed in ‘boxes’ with various diagnoses to explain their inability to ‘BE’ on this earth.  So too, through The CrystaLoveLight Process, the 'channel' is opened with the potential of "remembering" all the Gifts of the I Am.

The 'spiritual body' may hold a belief or teaching that "God is masculine", therefore hold much fear for many women through their disempowering experiences. However, the sense of Oneness is the coming together of the masculine, feminine and all other etheric bodies, hence, there can be no "separation". The alignment is the 'channel' of LoveLight both, finally birthed and anchored through the physical body, the most conscious door of all.

Individual souls who are able to sit comfortably with the gender of their own physical body, have a balance and flow of all etheric crystal bodies, equally holding what is understood as 'the mother' energy. The etheric bodies of the masculine and feminine.  Also the spiritual, mental and emotional working harmoniously, within each person, man or woman. The balance is one sided when the feminine is dominant over the masculine and vice versa. Furthermore, grief and despair may be held in the emotional body, fears and old school beliefs in the spiritual body, and the mind so disconnected from the heart, usually at the throat, then there are more layers to work or travel through, "inner channelled" work.  Possibly reflected or mirrored in a partner and whether the relationship is heterosexual or of the same gender, there is a conscious learning awakening.  What is important is the balance within me, allowing All That I Am through which the 'channel' of LoveLight flows through all relationships, impacts on health matters and the sense of fulfilment in my life which assists all who are unable to reach this place themselves.

The 'channel' opens through various doors and the conscious tools assisting this "process" are 'sacred sound and drawing codes’'.  Also, working with 'crystals' and colour therapy, the 'light'.  Several frequencies of vibration are all physical and etheric! The children in the ‘zone’ of these higher dimensions and assisted to ‘hold’ them through the ‘mother’, are very much ‘at home’.  They are quick and are the ‘healer’ of tomorrow, if not already for today.  Playing various percussive instruments to activate the codes (made with stickers or drawn), also working with crystal grids, the doorways for 'soul travelling' the "inner worlds" of the earth, starry and water pathways of "light". The soft toys which fill my space activate the higher conscious crystal bodies, multi-dimensional in nature and "door keepers", keys for unlocking a particular gift or more in seeing, hearing, knowing and feeling. Once one door is unlocked and opened, the journey begins and eventually, their gift of 'channelling' the LoveLight is not something they need to think about or analyse.

Indeed, to be like a 'little' child is the learning they bring to the planet where all just IS when they too can hold the LoveLight, fully birthing and anchoring their 'channel', their own I Am Body! The power of the Love and the Light is their gift coming from Source, All That Is! Just because they are children, they are no less powerful souls in their knowing, feeling, hearing and seeing! The learning continues through these souls as they have the gift of being able to "let go" and 'channel' from beyond the consciousness. It is from this place, the void where memories through each gift are held, feeling lost, alone, unsafe, an inability to know the light and more, all that fails to serve them through their parents, grandparents and the "bigger picture", THE COLLECTIVE. In writing about the children, I connect with all that is possibly still sitting and held deep with my subconscious that pertains to my own 'inner child'.

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