The Inventor

Introduction:  The CrystaLoveLight Process assists the opening and understanding of "The Gift of the Channel”.
The Gift of the Channel is a complex, possibly a misunderstood and unknown concept, especially if the word “psychic” is added.  However, similar to an inventor, one who either individually or with a team, produces a product, assisting a more productive life and therefore, quicker in performing a specific task or ‘process’.  The CrystaLoveLight Process assists in opening the ‘channel’ and the tools of self-empowerment are activated.  Reconnecting while soul travelling, the Great Web, remembering the self-empowerment potential and what a soul has forgotten in this lifetime. 

The concept of the inventor is a person who has a vision that no one else has, bringing a new concept and higher consciousness to the planet.  Developing the knowledge of the products capabilities and a journey in creativity which is outside the box from anything previously produced.  The testing and marketing is often a lifetime work, a dream over many years before the product becomes a reality.  However, there are ups and downs!  The emotional highs and lows can be testing, challenging with self-doubt leading to distrust.  After years of intensive work commitments, dedication and personal sacrifice, the dream is unlikely to manifest into a physical reality.  The “soul core memory” may hold ‘inner’ self-doubts of ‘not being good enough’, ‘powerful or honoured’ and not believed, especially after years of effort in bringing it altogether.  The benefit for the larger population may be proved in divine time, possibly after the passing from this incarnated lifetime.  
Issues arising can include the product not meeting the standards for health and safety requirements or the inventor’s high personal expectations from the initial vision held.  The cost factor, leaving or putting the production on hold for a substantial time period if not funded by other sources and therefore, hope quickly diminishes in completing the task.   However, it begins with a belief in oneself, supported by family or a team and the wider community.  Other elements of The CrystaLoveLight Process include the following roles:  facilitator, spiritual midwife, mentor and teacher, reflecting the enormous responsibility when a soul or participant wishes or asks to travel the road together.  Embracing a path with a soul travelling companion has its challenges, climbing mountains, finding the path in the first place if unclear, rocky and unstable.  Significant relationships keep pulling one back to the bottom and the possibility of completing the journey to the top is abandoned altogether.  The potential of expanding the LoveLight is sabotaged due to the inability to ‘go where needed’ and the key required cannot be found for starting the vehicle for the journey ahead.    

The element of frustration, the sense of hopelessness with the dream of making life easier for others and birthing a new consciousness that makes a difference, disappears into a thick fog!  The anchoring of CrystaLoveLight on the earth and through the Crystal Heart of the Mother is believed an impossible achievement.  Hence, the ‘channel’ has doubts which are very personal initally and will become a mirror of the ‘collective’ consciousness in the 9th dimension.  A place where the Oneness with myself, others and All That Is becoming the norm, where the flow of LoveLight is possible, in the ideal unconditional relationship. However, re-patterning relationships is the core essence which began consciously with the birth mother, possibly impacting health matters and a full-filling career path.  A journey called “life”, sustaining a soul from within, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically, then ‘going out’ with an expanded energy of LoveLight, holding what is necessary in arising circumstances where a soul may be pulled out of their alignment.   How quickly can the sense of ‘Oneness’ within myself be restored?  The 'channel' once again opened?
The energy or power of a soul travelling vehicle is partly determined if one is the driver or the passenger and size or nature of the vehicle.  The destination being set is the intention and there are multi-dimensional pathways of ‘light’ needing to be travelled at the speed of light.  Several vibrational frequency pathways, through the starry realms, the water and the earth.  The colours of the rainbow, the Song-lines, spheres and Lei-lines have been travelled by the spirit, continuing to do so subconsciouslyBeyond the consciousness of a young child or baby in relation to the choices of parents and eventually their own children.

While any vehicle is capable of travelling beyond the beyond, blocks may prevent the destination from being reached, at times coming to a sudden halt, and therefore being asked to wait.  Hence, the soul’s divine time when the journey will continue or be totally abandoned if the vehicle has crashed and has been determined or judged, to be beyond repair.   Rebuilding is re-birthing and takes time, accepting or ‘letting go’ that some vehicles/souls have chosen not to be restored.  Therefore, a profound understanding and memory, "not all can be saved",  However, providing and offering much needed learning at the time and the ultimate message, “can the LoveLight f
or these souls be held for the time needed before the door is unlocked”?

The freedom of choice is a very different consciousness to the innate and natural order of the animal kingdoms.  The LoveLight expansion able to be held in the physical and on the earth cannot be underestimated.  However, determined beyond the consciousness of all four power gifts (seeing, hearing, knowing and feeling) what many are unable or simply unwilling to comprehend or embrace. 
The soul core memory, held in the water and starry realms, if activated consciously on the earth, sets the journey in motion.  The LoveLight expansion from the higher dimensions, activated, re-patterned, birthed and anchored through the Great Mother, growing in faith with the belief, that “I Am, All That I Am”.  The driving force for the spirit able to continue on the necessary path and strive for the potential possible through the heart ~ Love.  Confirmed in relationships, health and the birthing of a new conscious way of ‘living life’ as a CrystaLoveLight energy body.  The unique and profound soul gift, The Channel, is the physical manifesting of the product, coming from the deep soul core of the inventor, the Creator.  A life-long ‘process’ ~ to ‘BE’ The Love, to ‘BE’ the Light as ONE.
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