The CrystaLoveLight Process involves discovering the gifts of I Am or Crystal Body and BE One with All That Is, hence, soul travelling beyond the beyond.  Restoring and remembering the gifts involves opening a number of doors or portals with the conscious tools:  Sacred Sound, Code drawing, Colour Therapy, ‘channelled writing’ and Crystals.  Once opened, a life-long process continues with the expansion of the psychic gifts:  Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience and Clair-knowing in a safe space for each unique soul.  The ability to see, know, hear and feel what others cannot because of the soul-core memory held deep within the subconscious worlds.

Self-empowerment is the path that Gossamer wishes to assist in re-discovering but only possible when a soul chooses and is ready to fully embrace, very much in ‘divine order’.   The CrystaLoveLight Process assists the understanding of the many layers or doors necessary in unlocking and opening the heart in this incarnated life time. 

Sharing stories and experiences within a group may enhance the wisdom and knowledge shared.  Assisting those who “think” they cannot ‘be powerful’ due to constant need to ‘give their power’ away other facilitators and courses.  All possible doors, assisting the awakening of a new consciousness may come in the form of a course, workshop, book or healer/therapist, yet is not THE DOOR, that key is within!

The guidance in opening the Gift of the Channel came significantly from Gossamer’s three significant mentors, all unique and profound Channels who through their gift enabled a path to open with the journey ahead.  Once embraced fully when the ‘channel’ opens is a commitment for life, no turning back even though the path at times seems endless and the challenges insurmountable.  While each mentor held a consciousness regarding the ‘Light, the Love and the Power’, the understanding of each awakened through Gossamer’s ‘channel’, thus becoming, The CrystaLoveLight Process

The confirmation witnessed with the transformation of a soul, visibly seen in others and felt through their own physical body.  A sense of power through confidence, holding an element of humility as the Weaver of the Gossamer Light throughout the Great Creation Web, also known as the cosmos or eternity.  Beyond the beyond of any known consciousness.
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