Gossamer’s ‘outdoor office’ assists a soul connect more consciously in the physical, on the earth and through the ‘element of water’ including a swimming pool or the ocean.  Other activities may involve Whale Watching and Whale Swimming adventures. 

The unique Sacred Fire and Earth Gifting Ceremonies, a journey from the starry realms thought the Song-lines, grounded through each soul as crystals are gifted back to the mother in the earth.  Remembering the heart-beat of the mother through a very ancient instrument, the drum, in particular the djembe.  The soul returns to where it birthed in the Light and a sense of ‘Oneness’ through The Great Mother.  The Love being opened further in the heart, an expansion and thus allowing the spirit or Light merge as ‘One’.    

Therefore, the focus or intention for an individual to consider in any retreat session may include the following:  HEALTH, RELATIONSHIPS and/or CAREER PATH, the life work that is fulfilling and therefore empowering in reaching one’s fullest potential.   Yet while these three areas may be viewed as separate, each has a particular impact on the other.  

The soul core memories held deep in the subconscious may mirror or reflect the relationship with the biological mother and the ‘collective’ conscious stories of ‘separation’ can be a constant trigger or activation.  The soul travels from the conscious world, beyond the beyond, until all parts of the Crystal or I Am Body are re-connected with and re-patterned.  Hence, the soul’s ‘divine time’ determines when one is ready to embrace such a journey and the duration of the retreat, taking into consideration the circumstances around other commitments. 

A live-in retreat: two or more days/nights are intensive and yet subtle in the profound shifting for the individual soul, even within a larger group of people participating.   Gossamer's understanding and guidance regarding the "inner channelled" journey has been her own learning, experienced first-hand as the ‘channelled articles’ reveal.  Stories written and shared relating to The CrystaLoveLight Process, a journey that awakened approximately twenty years ago.  The Gift of the Channel is a soul gift but also a conscious choice in the dedication around the choices both conscious and throughout the non-conscious worlds were the ‘spirit’ travels.   
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