Sacred Ceremonies

“The true potential for aligning ourselves with the variety of energies existing in the universe”.   Ted Andrews 1993

Fire Ceremony and sessions using the element of fire began in February 2004 when I was asked by the facilitator of a ten day retreat to prepare a space for the retreat group to gather later in the afternoon.  The ‘trust’ in myself, as a “channel, which had opened in March 2003, was still a challenge when there were other obvious shaman’s and earth mother’s in the group who could have been the more obvious choices. 

However, as the day progressed, after being guided to sit by the small creek and further words from the facilitator, “the mother will teach you”.  After one hour of sitting I felt the ‘energy’ move me away from the water and began to clear the area which had been previously used as a campfire.  The feeling and knowing was beyond the consciousness of anything previously known.  Guided in which sticks to collect and arranged them in the form of a tepee tent. 

The same retreat brought through my shaman/earth mother name, “Rainstorm” and opened up a new consciousness, also an energy, allowing a profound trust in facilitating ritual in the open environment.  The video’s on the events page of this website are not only an inspiration to myself but to all those who have assisted in the preparation and ceremonies for almost two decades. 

Sacred Fire and Earth Gifting Ceremony

A solemn ritual usually held in Australia on privately owned land and the climax of a four or five day retreat.  The energy work begins once the date is in place but in the enormous physical preparation required, is combined with the “calling in” from the four directions, all spirit beings from multi-dimensional realms.  Often when possible, held on the New Moon, the darkest night of the moon cycle and the beginning of the first light coming to the earth.  During the initial days of coming together, participants set their intentions prior to the ceremony.      

The Earth Gifting Ceremony takes place the following morning after the fire and crystal gifts are returned to the Heart of the Mother in the earth. 

Fire Sessions are a gathering on or close to the New Moon and is a ‘soul travelling’ experience over three to four hours.  The ability to understand and work with fire is a profound gift, a powerful tool in transformation.            

Fire Clearing Sessions, like all sessions will shift energy and will be a ‘collective’ intention for what has been held in the earth or water.   

Sacred Sound is a profound gift and tool in all rituals.  The djembe drum and understand this to be the energy of The Great Mother.  Through ceremony, birthing the gifts of the I Am, reconnecting and remembering the Crystal Heart of the Earth Mother, the Gift of the Channel.  The didgeridoo, an ancient instrument developed by Aboriginals of northern Australia and honours the indigenous spirits who gather for all ceremony.  Other shamanic instruments include clapping or rhythm sticks, stones and shakers.  However, the most powerful tool of all is the voice for it holds the vibrational frequencies, birthed in the 9th dimension of the I Am or Crystal Body.     

Celebrant:   Celebrating the stages of life - Birth  Naming Ceremony 
                                                                     Pre-wedding gathering 
                                                                     Death  Shamanic Funeral Service  

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