Individual or group ‘Soul Journey’ activates and awakens a new consciousness.  Travelling pathways of ‘light’ or vibrational frequencies activated by sound, especially the voice and also various percussion instruments. 

The duration of a session for an individual is a minimum of four hours, while group sessions are held over one day.  Retreat days extend from two to five and may include ‘live-in’ opportunities.  Phone assistance from two and a half to three hours duration, possible when the physical contact or distance is not convenient.

All participants begin by expressing through writing their intentions, the focus may include one of three areas:  health, relationships and career path.  A journey from the conscious into the subconscious, from standing on the beach to diving into the ocean!

The group memories reflect or mirror the bigger picture in regard to "collective conscious" soul memories.  Such memories are extensive and intensive in the process of Soul Travelling far beyond an individual's own personal story.  Group sessions may hold the vibration necessary for another to be able to walk through the doors and great learning will awaken in walking the path with ‘like-minded’ souls.   The CrystaLoveLight Process is fully birthing in the 9th dimension. 

The days, weeks and possibly months following are equally supportive through meditation or individual 'inner work', local group connections and email assistance, providing ongoing ‘channelled’ guidance regarding practical tools for a continued 'inner work' program.

Costs:  $140.00 (individual four hour session)
             $180.00 (individual day approximately eight hours)
             $200.00 (day and overnight stay)

Groups costs:  $160.00 (retreat day)  Concession:  $130.00

Phone session:  $145.00 (allow two & a half to three hours duration)

Email assistance:  $25.00 per month.

All prices are negotiable. 
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